Megatron and Lions no match for Bears and Optimus Prime

Megatron and Lions no match for Bears and Optimus Prime
Charles Tillman breaks up a pass for Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson in the end zone in the third quarter. — Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Optimus Prime returned Monday night to dominate the Lions yet again. Charles Tillman just keeps on bringing it vs. the best players in the game every week (that aren't named Steve Smith). As if there was any doubt he was the best corner in Bears’ history, it was proven without a doubt Monday night. Two forced fumbles in a row, and complete shutdown of Calvin Johnson.

The Bears’ defense is in complete domination mode.

Over the course of the Bears’ current win streak, they are allowing just eight points per game. Think about that: eight points a game. Wow. Honestly, this defense has to be the best in the League. Currently, the Bears are 1st in the NFL in points allowed (13 PPG). They are second against the run, and sixth in yards per game.

Not to mention their turnover numbers (21 takeaways). No one is even close to taking the ball away like the Bears do. It’s safe to say that this defense is equally as good as the 2006 squad, right? Sure, Urlacher isn't the same guy, but it doesn't matter because everyone else has stepped up their game in a major way.

So much for that whole Megatron domination thing. Apparently the Madden curse is affecting the entire Detroit Lions team. Or it's their D-Bag coach? Probably more so the latter.

Can the "DIS CUTLER GUY HAS NO HEART!" crowd please go away and jump off a bridge? He has always had "heart" and it was proven against the Lions (not for the first time, mind you) on the national stage that that myth was created on. Clearly, Jay was hurt. His first throw of the second half was evidence of that.

But Jay was still running around and trying to make plays regardless. I’ve been battling this crowd of buffoons for two years now, and officially I’m retiring from it because there's no need now. Cutty was not coming out of that game unless he was deceased. I never, EVER want to hear the mindless, ignorant BS those clowns spew on a regular basis again. Maybe ESPN will take a step back, too . . . I'm looking at you, Rick Riley.

The Lions have been a good run defense so far this season, and the Bears managed to run the ball effectively on them. The Bears totaled out at 171 yards on the ground.

Something Jay hasn't done a lot of this year that he did at times in the past is just pull the ball down and run. Finally, Jay started to channel his inner RG3 on Monday. I feel like a lot of times this year, Jay should have just run the ball instead of forcing stuff. If Jay can run for a big gain like he did vs. the Lions, go for it. But please, slide . . .

Yet again, Corey Wootton and Shea McClellin got pressure and made plays. Corey Wootton continues to get better every single week. On multiple occasions, Wootton was playing the run and sticking with the play down the line like Julius Peppers would. There's times he looks like a Julius Peppers clone. His get-off is extremely fast, and the vicious spin move is getting insane.

McClellin keeps on getting extremely close to sacks, and once he learns to finish, he will be dangerous. Against the Lions, McClellin got pressure, forcing Stafford to step up which resulted in a Peppers sack. This kid is fast and has the talent. He needs a few more moves, but you have to be encouraged with what you've seen.

I thought the play calling was great all night on both sides of the ball. On defense, I liked the fact that they dialed up an Urlacher blitz where he tipped the pass at the line. There was an open-side free safety zone pressure with Conte. Blitzing with Conte is not a bad idea, really, considering his speed.

On the offensive side of the ball, Mike Tice had a great game. The first Red Zone trip was great. Swap boot with Cutler where it turned into backyard football that resulted in a Marshall touchdown. There was a shotgun hand-off to Forte, which I liked that they have introduced to the mix.

Hey, even the Devin Hester screen worked! That's a first (maybe second). If one play stands out, it was a third down when the Bears were backed up to their own end-zone, and they dialed up a slant which resulted in a big time first down.

And the forgotten man, Earl Bennett, is back. Right away it was Earl Bennett on third down converting for the first. When Alshon gets back, this receiving core can be as good as any group in the League.

But there is a growing concern for me, and that's with Devin Hester. He is only running side to side and can't make a good decision on when to fair catch and when to not. This could be something to watch as the year goes on. If Devin doesn't produce in the return game, it wouldn't surprise me if the Bears don't bring him back next year.

Another negative that continues to get worse as the weeks go on, is Jerry Angelo’s last laugh at the Bears—Gabe Carimi. Wow, holy crap he’s been bad. Stop making excuses that he isn't fully recovered. It’s been a year since the injury and he still isn't recovered? I’m not denying that, but seriously, if that's the case, then he is already a waste. The Carimi penalties are getting really old. He doesn't block anyone either. Now that JWebb has gotten—dare I say it?—better, Carimi is officially the Bears’ worst lineman.

A play that stood out to me was one of Chilo Rachal’s. He plays through the whistle, which got him in trouble. But overall, this guy looks like a real player. He has that nasty that you look for in an offensive lineman and has played pretty well. Keep your eye on him moving forward.

The Chicago Bears made a statement on Monday night that they are for real. This defense is shaping up to be one we will talk about for years to come. I’m not saying they are the ‘85 defense, but it’s time to put them in the same category as the 2005 and pre-injury 2006 Bears. This has been one of the most dominant stretches for a Bears’ defense that I can remember.

Lovie finally has his defensive line, and his safeties of the future. Yeah, I said it. Major Wright and Chris Conte have played outstanding, and the future of this defensive line might just be Wootton, Paea, Melton and McClellin.

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