Arrow pointing up for Bears' offense

Arrow pointing up for Bears' offense
Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

Through the first five games of the season, the Chicago Bears’ offense has had their ups and downs. They jumped out the gate Week-1 scoring 41 points against the Indianapolis Colts, but followed it up with a pathetic performance against the Green Bay Packers.

Against the St. Louis Rams, they looked like a group that couldn’t be trusted, but against the Dallas Cowboys Jay Cutler look like he had full control over the offense.

What we can take out of the past two performances is that while they have not yet reached their ceiling, they are getting close to it, and it all starts with offensive coordinator Mike Tice. Tice might have called his best two games of the season these past couple weeks.

Tice got a wake-up call against the Packers after believing in the hype from the previous week against the Colts. Since then he has stayed to the identity of this offense that was laid out in the off-season, which is establishing the run, getting the ball down field off play action.

Cutler has been taking a beating from the media and fans (including myself) who felt like he was regressing from last season. The past two games Cutler has looked sharp, and he’s starting to look comfortable in the offense in comparison to the Packers and Rams games.

The Bears are not there yet, as far as being one of the more feared offenses in the league, but they are getting there.

Chicago still needs to find a consistent compliment outside Brandon Marshall—although Alshon Jeffery is starting to develop into that; the run game needs to run like it did against the Jaguars more consistently, and we need to see a bigger body of work from the offensive line than three games to count on them as reliable.

The Bears are in the early stages of this offense where there are going to be some good and some bad, but overall, the arrow is pointing up.

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