Staff picks Bears-Packers

Here are the Chicago Bears Huddle staff Week-2 picks for Bears-Packers:

Adam Oestmann

Bears 27, Packers 24 I honestly believe this Packers team is simply out-matched. Out-matched everywhere except for the quarterback department, and we know what a QB the caliber of Aaron Rodgers can do. The Bears have never beat the Super Bowl MVP in Lambeau Field, but I suspect that will change tonight.

Darren Doxey

Bears 35, Packers 27 Bears typically lose this game because they lack the ability to best the press and their offense can't produce. Different story now.

Dominique Blanton

Packers 28, Bears 24 I simply can't see Green Bay losing two in a row, and at home. Hope I'm wrong, though.

Rashawn Franklin

Bears 28, Packers 24 Putting the Packers in an 0-2 hole heading into week three was always the dream scenario for Lovie Smith and the Bears. They have a chance to do it tonight, and they don't disappoint.

Rob Zielinski

Packers 27, Bears 24 Aaron Rodgers will not allow the Packers to fall to 0-2 at home to start the season. He'll exploit Urlacher's knee down the deep seem to get it done.

Decision: three to two in favor of the Bears in an average score of 30-25.

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