Staff picks Bears-Colts

Here are the Chicago Bears Huddle staff Week-1 picks for Bears-Colts:

Adam Oestmann

Bears 34, Colts 20. Colts are in rebuild mode. Bears are in Super Bowl mode. I don’t expect Andrew Luck to struggle much in his first NFL game against the Bears’ defense. Although, if history is any indicator, Urlacher and the rest of the crew should have a nice showing. In the end, I think the Colts still have too many unanswered questions on defense, and Jay Cutler and the Chicago offense should easily outscore this Indianapolis team.

Darren Doxey

Bears 28, Colts 14. Chicago’s offense may struggle early, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t ultimately dominate the game and set the pace. Still, expect Luck to make some plays and put up a few points on the defense.

Dominique Blanton

Bears 28, Colts 13. Chicago’s run game and defensive line should be a driving force in what will most certainly be a Bears’ victory in Week-1.

Rashawn Franklin

Bears 31, Colts 14. How daunting of a task is Soldier Field and the Super Bowl hungry Bears in your first NFL start? Luck finds out quickly that it’s very tough. The pass rush and experience of the Bears’ defense is too much for the young Luck and the rebuilding Colts.

Rob Zielinski

Bears 31, Colts 17. Luck’s composure will keep this one closer than most think early on, but late turnovers will let the Bears run away with a victory.

Unanimous decision: Bears over the Colts in an average score of 30-16.

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