Monday night could be turning point for Bears

Monday night could be turning point for Bears
Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Teams can always look back at the end of the regular season and find games that either pushed them in the right direction, or a place where things started to unravel. Monday's contest against Dallas is one of those games for Chicago, and here are three reasons why:

  1. Dallas has gotten off to a 2-1 start, including a win over the Super Bowl champion New York Football Giants. Along with that 2-1 record, the Cowboys are playing some of the best defense in the NFL—a usual liability for them. On the flip side of the football, the Dallas offense has gotten off the slow start to begin the season, but, with all the talent on that side of the ball, things figure to get better. Taking all of that into consideration, the Cowboys look primed to compete for a playoff spot. Whether that be for the NFC East crown, or a wildcard spot, Chicago would be better served with a head-to-head win on their regular season resume than not.
  2. Switching focus to NFC North standings, a win on Monday would keep Chicago at least a game ahead of the reigning NFC North champion Green Bay Packers. There's no doubt the Packers are the biggest competition in the division—a team the Bears have already lost a game to. The Bears need to stay ahead of the Packers at all cost.
  3. Finally, and maybe most importantly, Chicago has a chance to beat a talented team in front of the football world. There's no bigger regular season stage than Monday Night Football, in that stadium, against America's team. Chicago fans, who have a chance to watch this team every week, know what they are capable of if they play to their potential. For the most part, the rest of the world doesn't. With a convincing win, Chicago can help erase the embarrassing loss in Lambeau Field two weeks ago.

With a win against the Cowboys, followed by a facing a lowly Jacksonville team on a short week, Chicago could be 4-1 heading into their bye week. It's not perfect, but the Bears’ playoff hopes would be well intact.

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