Jay Cutler vs. Tony Romo: the battle America loves to hate

Jay Cutler vs. Tony Romo: the battle America loves to hate

Let’s face it; everyone hates our beloved quarterback, Jay Cutler. Everyone hates the smirk and general smugness of Cutler’s mannerisms. They hate his seemingly arrogant attitude, and his failure to admit mistakes.

Bears fans go up and down with the Cutler criticisms; one day they like him, and the next he’s getting run out of town to Los Angeles to be with his famous girlfriend (who most people also seem to hate). Jay Cutler has become more of a joke among football fans outside Chicago, and just about no one, save for Bears fans, believes he has what it takes to win in this league.

Remind you of anyone in Dallas?

Now we get to Tony Romo, a talented player, who, unlike Cutler, had to earn his way into a starting role. Tony Romo is admittedly a more likable guy than Cutler; for starters, he actually smiles. But like Cutler, most Cowboys fans cannot stand the guy.

The erratic play that comes along with a player like Tony Romo has left Dallas fans with doubt. Romo has sudden flashes, potential greatness, only to be smothered by a key interception in the late stages of an important game. Tony Romo gives you the good along with the bad. Insert in his list of insanely hot girlfriends, and general interest among non-football watching ladies, and you have Cutler 2.0.

So, which player is truly the better quarterback?

The two quarterbacks show a number of similarities on and off the field, and both have been serviceable quarterbacks for their teams. As we go into this Week-4 Monday Night Football match up, the question should be raised: which player is the better quarterback?

Both teams come into this game at 2-1, and mostly due to the fact that their defenses have been playing lights out. Cutler and Romo had remarkable Week-1 performances, both going over the 300-yard mark and throwing for two or more touchdowns.

Since then, Romo has been more consistent, throwing for over 250-yards, but failing to reach the endzone. Cutler has been mediocre, and also downright awful since Week-1. His season totals are looking bleak, with just three touchdown passes and six interceptions. Entering this match up, Romo looks to have the slight edge, considering his offensive line has been slightly more consistent.

Romo and Cutler are both gunslingers who move around well inside and outside the pocket. Both guys throw well on the run and trust their arms almost a little too much. Since the last time these two teams met in 2010, each has gone in a separate direction . . .

The Cowboys have failed to reach the playoffs since 2009, and nearly missed it last year but lost on the road to the Giants only to be eliminated and end with an 8-8 record. The Bears, with Cutler at the helm, have an 18-8 record since 2010, with a playoff win and a trip to the NFC championship game.

Romo, in 2010, only played six games after he went out with an injury, but in 2011 he had one of the best years of his career: 31 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions, with an average passer rating of 102.5.

Now, which player would you rather have on your roster?

Romo is older, and nearing the end of his days as the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback. His window is closing, and even with the talent-filled Cowboys roster it seems unlikely Romo will get a ring. Cutler is 29 years-old, and still has yet to fully reach his potential.

Tony Romo emerged as a perennial star, and was thought to be the one to bring the Dallas Cowboys out of their Super Bowl drought. Jay Cutler is the first real talented quarterback the Bears have had since the 1940s when the great Sid Luckman was throwing the ball.

Both Romo and Cutler have been drilled with an immense amount of pressure to succeed in such dominant markets; both have underperformed and at times been great.

Will one or both ever receiver a ring? It looks bleak at this point, but both quarterbacks have the capabilities and rosters to make it happen. Cutler and Romo are franchise quarterbacks who, with the play they are capable of, and possibly a little luck, can get the job done in this league.

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