Jay Cutler speaks out on incident with J'Marcus Webb

Jay Cutler speaks out on incident with J'Marcus Webb
Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler spoke out on WMVP-AM 1000 during “The Jay Cutler Show” today, where he responded to a barrage of questions surrounding the Bears’ offensive implosion against the Packers last Thursday, and the bump heard ‘round the NFL involving left tackle J’Marcus Webb.

Here’s some of the Q&A . . .

"I can’t put a definite reason on why it happened,” Cutler said of the shove on Webb. “It happened. I put a lot into playing quarterback, and I take it seriously. We’ve talked about it and it's behind us. I've talked about it with the offensive line—each of them individually. It’s been blown up bigger than any of us expected, but it should be expected.”

While he didn’t come right out and say it—and while it seemed to be more in response the media reaction than the actual shove—Cutler admitted it would have been better had he not reacted to Webb the way he did.

“You know, I probably shouldn’t have bumped him. I’ll say that. As far as me yelling at him, I don’t regret that.” But Cutler did say he had hoped to ignite a fire in Webb, and when asked if he would have been happier had Webb shoved him back, Jay said he would have. “Sure. Anything to let me know that [he was] pissed off that [he] got beat.”

While Cutler was asked if he apologized to Webb, he wouldn’t offer up a straight answer. “That’s between me and J’Marcus. I expect him to play a certain way, and I think he expects the same from himself.”

Cutler defended Webb on air, saying he has all the potential in the world to play at a high level, but acknowledged that there’s still a difference between potential and production. When asked why he patted WR Brandon Marshall on the head following a would-be-touchdown drop, as compared with his reaction to Webb’s struggles, Cutler was clear.

“You know, everyone is different. Everyone reacts and responds differently. I know what Brandon is capable of, and I know that no one in that stadium was more upset with the drop than Brandon was. I know that in my heart.”

Perhaps the most head-scratching comments came from Cutler defending his 11 for 27, 126 yard, 1 touchdown and four interception performance, resulting in a 28.2 passer rating. “I think I had my composure. I knew what I was doing. It wasn’t affecting my play by any means. I was proud of that game.”

Given the harsh criticism Cutler has endured since he first came to Chicago in 2009—some deserved, some perhaps not so deserved—he was asked if the continued scrutiny bothers him as a player. “It can’t,” Cutler said. “You can’t let it bug you, because win or lose there’s always going to be something they say you need to improve on. The media here is going to scrutinize every little bit. They’re going to take it and run with it as far as they can.

“A win cures all in this business.”

Let’s hope the Bears can put all this business behind them and get a win at home against the St. Louis Rams this weekend.

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