Bears fans, don't panic

Bears fans, don't panic
José M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune

If panic exists, it’s time to stop. Anyone remember last season? If not, allow me to remind you . . .

The 2011 Bears came out and smoked the Falcons on opening day. All of a sudden, folks were chanting “Super Bowl.” After one game.

Immediately following, in week two, they drew the New Orleans Saints down in the Superdome, and were crushed. Cutler was sacked six times in that game. How that poor man has survived playing in Chicago for going on his fourth year, let alone those two games, is beyond me.

If you’re concerned, fine. If you’re worried, don’t be. Not yet.

It took one game for folks to start questioning whether or not Jay Cutler will be in a Bears’ uniform next season, or that Cutler’s passion will keep the Bears out of the Super Bowl. Sounds a little different when it’s called “passion” (which is what it is) as opposed to “losing his cool,” doesn’t it?

I thought we were past all this. Great guys with perfect body language on the field do not win championships. Talent wins championships, and Cutler has a ton. How about somebody actually block somebody else? I hear that goes a long way toward winning championships.

I’m looking at you, Webb.

If big, hairy Clay Matthews was kicking your ass all over the field and running by your left tackle on every play, you might get a little angry, too. You might even be inclined to give the 6-7, 333-pound lineman a shove or two.

Cutler gets a bad rap because he’s a “jerk” to the media at times. And that’s really all it is.

Tom Brady, for example, can yell and scream at his lineman when he is sacked once in a blue moon, but Cutler’s a bad guy for getting a little flustered when he hasn’t stopped running for his life since 2009? He’s the most sacked QB in the League during that timeframe. I wanna bump some lineman right now just talking about it!

Imagine how hard it would be to relaxed and get into a rhythm with the Disney World Turnstyle Tackle on your blindside. Webb is still, arguably and statistically, the worst left tackle in the game.

It’s been this team’s M.O. (modus operandi) to get their crap together by or following the bye week. And so, I won’t expect anything less from this year’s club.

One thing I do take issue with is the fact that the Bears apparently forgot they have two running backs who can carry the load and then some. Get back to the basics and establish the run. The Packers couldn’t stop a nosebleed—let alone Forte and Bush.

The gameplan overall vs. the Packers was destined for failure, and it’s apparent that the Bears’ offensive line can’t handle a pass-happy offense—at least not one constructed as it currently is. But get the run game established and the Bears will be able to put up points.

The defense is still a bright spot. Urlacher is still a major concern, but they can have success with him. Henery Melton has seemingly come to play this season and has produced in back-to-back games.

Lovie’s team tends to bounce back well, and maybe this is the kinda thing they needed to kickstart themselves. Don't start the major panic yet. If it already exists, shut it down. AT LEAST give it another week or two. This offense is still brand new, and they need to work out the kinks.

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