Bears' LT situation: why not Gabe Carimi?

Bears' LT situation: why not Gabe Carimi?

Does it feel like football season yet? It should. Just one week into preseason exhibition and the Bears have a major problem on their hands.

While it really shouldn’t be news to those with any grade of football IQ, apparently, the Bears are just realizing that J'Marcus Webb is awful at football.

He has the frame. But, as much as the Bears have tried to tell us otherwise, he does not have the athleticism to play LT at this level.

Webb’s technique is awful. He has slow feet, and he can’t move or recover. I actually think he’s #stillinhisstance from Thursday night.

A potential disaster at left tackle threatens to derail the entire offense this season; regardless of the enhanced depth at wide receiver with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery.

Those weapons become irrelevant if you can't keep Jay Cutler upright.

Remember when folks were saying not being in Martz’s system will make this line significantly better? How does that look now? Still buying it?

But bitching will only get us (me) so far. The question is what do the Bears do now? Try out Chris Williams again? Maybe give James Brown a chance? Apparently, Cory Brandon has passed up Brown on the depth chart. What about him? He certainly can’t be worse than Webb . . . right?

Actually . . . why not Gabe Carimi?

Granted, nobody knows just how good Carimi is or will be (he did miss nearly all of last season with an injury), but why not give it a shot?

Here’s the deal: he might be the best lineman on the team right now; he played left tackle at Wisconsin; Lance Louis was serviceable at RT in 2011, after all; and Chris Williams has looked his best at guard anyway . . .

I realize the Bears feel Carimi’s best suited at RT, and I’m not saying I disagree. But what about what is best for the Bears—what’s best for your franchise quarterback?

I admit that we don’t know if Gabe would out-perform anyone on the left side, but he has more talent and potential than Webb or Williams. Hands-down. Why not find out now?

Carimi is the most (football) intelligent offensive lineman on the roster. Period. He played left tackle his entire career before coming to Chicago, and in typical Bears’ fashion, he’s been moved out of his natural position.

It’s not a fool proof solution. But what doesn’t make sense to me is to NOT EVEN TRY your best offensive lineman at the most important position on the line.

Carimi can run block from both sides, and he has the attitude and intelligence to play left tackle.

Webb won’t be around in the NFL much longer the way things are going. And, whenever (not if) that happens, good riddance. Be smart, Tice. Please.

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