Jay Cutler gets the ranking he deserves

Jay Cutler gets the ranking he deserves

So it seems as if I've become the ultimate Jay Cutler apologist.

I’ve gone to bat for Jay repeatedly here, sometimes on a weekly basis, defending everything from Kneegate, to his mechanics and more. I’ve chalked his “hanging on of the ball too long” up to trust (among other things), and even defended his jerky-ness.

Most recently, I responded to his exclusion from the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2012 list. I’ve even gone so far as to tell some of you that you’re not allowed to be Jay Cutler fans, simply because you’re not as good of one as I am.

But here’s the thing: more often than not, I’m right. Well, besides that time I told you Caleb Hanie will be fine. Bad call, but I digress!

After all the misdiagnosis and poor analysis of Cutler’s games over the last three seasons, someone finally has some sense. Thank you for that, Ron Jaworski.

Jay checks in at number eight on Jaws' quarterback rankings, and most of the guys ahead of Cutler are Super Bowl champions. I won’t argue those (except for maybe Philip Rivers, who I wouldn’t rank ahead of Jay). But it is what it is.  

When Tim Tebow is listed at No. 30, it helps the credibility of things. And it’s just more proof that the NFL Network’s list was and is a popularity contest, through and through. Jaworski's list is based on film study and an excellent understanding of the game/position. You won’t find any really bad, but really popular, QBs topping his list.

Toward the end of his explanation of Cutler’s ranking, Jaworski stated something that most people feel will be the case after this year: “[Jay] must clean up some poor decision-making tendencies. Of course he has to do that. But, if he can, he will move into my top five."

And Jay was already cleaning up those mistakes up last year with nearly no talent around him. One would expect those tendencies to continue to minimize with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey in the mix. Not to mention the Mike Martz-less “I’m-trying-so-desperately-to-prove-that-I’m-a-genius” offense.

Jaws talked about his decision making being off at times, and that is true. There are times when Jay's accuracy is in question, when the ball is badly overthrown, or it is moving like sinking fastball that ends up at a receiver’s knees.

But he comes back the next play and delivers a pass threaded through the only tiny hole it possibly could be. Inconsistency is one of my biggest issues with Cutler. Last year, the inconsistent accuracy was brought to a minimum as a whole, and he was coming into his own with minimal talent around him.

Redzone efficiency was improved as well. Jay’s always struggled in the redzone over the course of his career, but last year he was at his best.

Just when I completely lose hope for all major media outlets in the world, the booyah network comes through with the Jaworski list. Should I care at all what public perception is about my team and players I love? No. But the bottom line is, at my core, I’m still a fan, and I bleed blue and orange.

Thank you, Jaws. I no longer have to break my Direct TV box in anger.

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  • My first memory of a Bear Quarterback was Bob Avellini. I remember Mike Phipps, Vince Evans, Henry Burris...and the rest of the motly crue. I remember a magic season from Jim McMahon...one by Eric Kramer...and one by Jim Miller....and you know...that was about it for 40 years. Grossman gave us one good September and promptly laid an egg.

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.

    This year is the year of the Bear. The year this team LEAPS into the present....Nothing but good vibrations, Green pastures, and happy trails! The squirrel is coming home to roost....Chi town will rise from the ashes of mediocrity...like a pheonix... we will burn brightly this year and Cutler will be recognized from now on as the QB we all thought he would be...but heck, name what Bear QB can withstand Cutler's charge up the Bear record books? All I see is Quinn, Krenzel and Moreno standing between him and immortality in Beardom!....not to be confused with Boredom...these Bears will not be boring!!! We will actually outscore the opponent in offensive shootouts...we will dominate the loathsome Lions...we will send the Pack Packing and the Vikes...well they are who we thought they were...our NFC North Junior Varsity squad! My wife is a Viking fan...hope she doesn't read this !!!

    I am pumped, Psyched, and generally flush with excitement and anticipation...I bet you are too! Good bye Martz...Hello Tice! WOOT!

  • In reply to Mouser:

    Love it! Every Mouser comment is a mini-speech befitting of only the most die-hard Bears fan.

  • That's why Jaws is hands down my favorite analyst up there at Espn. He doesn't let outside opinions effect his overall opinion on a player, but instead have his own opinion on player based off extensive film study.

  • I agree, Dominque!

    Here's what my list of 'Top 10' looks like:

    01. Peyton Manning
    02. Tom Brady
    03. Aaron Rodgers
    04. Ben Roethlisberger
    05. Drew Brees
    06. Eli Manning
    07. Tony Romo
    08. Philip Rivers
    09. Cam Newton
    10. Jay Cutler

  • In reply to Alpha79:

    At this point in their careers I can't put Cam Newton ahead of Jay Cutler. Big fan of Newton's game, but like Darren mention he's too young and still learning the game at the pro level. At this point I would put Jay ahead of Rivers and Romo also.

  • I could never put Cam Newton over Cutler. Cam made a lot of poor decisions and is still super young. Cutlers ahead of Romo and Cam on my list.

  • "Cam made a lot of mistakes last year!"

    You mean his ONLY year???

    Listen, Jay's my boy, & I think he has a big arm & some grit, but if I had the choice between Cam Newton & Jay Cutler for just next year alone, I'm goin with Newton. Not gonna turn this into a huge debate or anything, but Jay has top 5 potential too, he's just been inconsistant. Another deep playoff run or SB appearance/ring should catapult him into that conversation.

  • In reply to Alpha79:

    Sorry, but that's nuts, buddy. Cam is solid, might be great someday, but the league is going to catch up with him before he gets there. Cutler's inconsistency has very little to do with his ability as it does his bad, extenuating circumstances. I take Cutler over Cam in 2012 any day.

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    What do you mean by "the league will catch up to Cam"?

  • In reply to Alpha79:

    Every rookie QB will be figured out the following year by the rest of the NFL. Now the true test of whether or not the player can adjust. There is unlimited tape on Cam out now. And hes not better than Jay, not even close.

  • In reply to Darren Doxey:

    So your rebuttal is that the league now has "unlimited tape" on a rookie QB that will now have the luxury of a true offseason & access to the same "tape" that defenses will study to try & stop him???

    How's that "unlimited tape" helping defenses that face Rodgers, Brady, Brees, etc.? Oh I'm sorry, you're gonna say that Cam's not elite (not even close according to you). But it's funny how ALL of those 'elite' QB's had 'rookie' years & did not produce the way Newton produced last year.

    Look, we can take a fan's approach when lending opinions on these types of debates all we want. Fact is, statistically speaking, Cam Newton is WAY ahead of the curb. If "unlimited tape" on rookie performances was an actual asset to defenses, none of the aforementioned elite QB's would have gotten better!


  • In reply to Alpha79:

    Lets see just how well he adapts to defenses in his second year. I love Cam, big time. I go out of my way to watch the kid. But to say hes ahead of Cutler is crazy. Cam is NOT elite yet. Theres a handful of elite quarterbacks. Cam isn't there, yet. The league catches up to everyone. The great ones just adapt more and adjust to their adjustments.

  • My top 10 Bear list: taken only from those 1975 and beyond...

    1. Jay Cutler
    2. Eric Kramer
    3. Jim McMahon
    4. Jim Miller
    5. Rex Grossman
    6. Jim Harbaugh
    7. uhmmm.... I guess I have to pick someone...
    7a. Still Thinking....
    7b. Oh what the heck .... Mike Tomzak....not really but who else?
    8. Cade McNown...at least he was a high draft pick
    9. Steve Walsh
    10. Steve Fuller

  • In reply to Mouser:

    Kind of amazing just how many names I had to pick from in that time span, yet how difficult it was to remember any of the names!!!

  • In reply to Mouser:

    LOL ... that's a painful list to make!

  • fb_avatar

    You all seem to forget Billy Wade who won the 1963 Championship!!
    Also Rudy Bukich who had a very strong arm, Virgil Carter, There are alot of others.

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