Chicago Bears' roster projection: quarterback

Chicago Bears' roster projection: quarterback
Jay Cutler could contend for the league MVP this season.

Starting now, and throughout Training Camp, I will be projecting the Bears’ 53-man roster position-by-position. In the series, I will go through each player at their respective positions and project where they will be at the end of the 2012 preseason. Today, we’ll look at the quarterback position.

Active QBs on the roster:

  • Matt Blanchard – Rookie
  • Jason Campbell – 8-year veteran
  • Jay Cutler – 7-year veteran
  • Josh McCown – 10-year veteran

Projected starter: Jay Cutler

If Jay Cutler is not starting week-1 against the Colts, it would be the result of something catastrophic leading up to the regular season opener. Otherwise, Cutler will enter the year in position to contend for the league’s MVP award when you factor in his progression as a passer and the weapons around him.

Projected backup: Jason Campbell

Like Cutler, unless something unforeseeable happens to Campbell leading up to the opener, he will open the season as the backup. And he may be the best in the league.

Campbell should be able to provide reliable relief should Cutler miss a few games. The concern I have with Campbell is the huge drop off in arm strength between he and Jay. This offense is going to put an emphasis in pushing the ball down the field off play-action, and it is concerning that Campbell lacks high-level arm strength. Otherwise, Campbell is an accurate possession passer who can keep the team afloat.

Projected 3rd-string: Matt Blanchard

Usually, teams use their 3rd-string spot to develop a young QB, so I don’t expect them to keep McCown at the preseason’s end. It’s very possible that they’re keeping McCown for insurance—in case something was to happen to either Cutler or Campbell during camp.

The little I have seen from Blanchard from highlight tapes and camp vids, he looks the part as far as skill-set. He’s an accurate, strong arm QB, who has the athleticism to move outside the pocket and throw on the run. The Bears could have a diamond in the rough in Blanchard.

Overall analysis on QB position

The Bears’ QB position overall is a vast improvement compared to last season—at least on paper. Campbell replaces Caleb Hanie as the back-up, who was 0-3 as a starter last season, while Blanchard impressed the coaches so much that they decided to waived last year’s 5th-round draft pick Nathan Enderle.

Current Standing: Great

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  • Matt Blanchard is not going to beat out Josh McCown.
    From what I've seen of Blanchard, he's another qb that has no business belonging in the NFL. He'll be lucky if he makes the practice squad.
    McCown must have been willing to take the league minimum to come back and figured he could make more being a veteran 3rd string qb than being a HS coach. McCown came in and did a solid job and the bears should be very lucky to have him. All a backup is suppose to do is win half of your games.

  • In reply to jojopuppyfish:

    I like the pick up of Jason Campbell as that dependable veteran back-up, but if the Bears are depending on him to win half of their games this season, they are in serious trouble.

    There's a good chance the Bears keep a young developmental QB as their 3rd stringer (not to mention a cheaper option) over a vet. That's typically how most teams around league fill their 3rd string spot.

    Think if doesn't make the team, they will most likely keep him on the practice squad. We will know if that is the Bears intentions if you hardly see him in preseason action.

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