NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2012 list is a joke

NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2012 list is a joke
This would be a picture of Jay Cutler congratulating Tim Tebow on being a better football player than him. Only it’s not, and that’s stupid.

Seriously . . . no Jay Cutler? No, oh I don’t know, Brandon Marshall? I think I’m gonna have to hit NFL Network with a Deion Sanders’ “hold on playa’ . . .” Jay Cutler, in my educated (never humble) opinion, is easily a top-ten quarterback, and Brandon Marshall is arguably a top-five wide receiver. But somehow, neither is one of the Top 100 Players of 2012.

What a joke.

The glaring insult here is obviously Tim Tebow making the list at #95? Anyone interested in swapping Cutler for Tebow? No? You sure? Going once, twice . . . My grandma's hook-shot is more accurate than the passes he throws. How in the world are Cutler and Marshall not on that list? You have to be kidding me.

Is the list a joke? Yeah. Should we (I) allow it to get us (me) worked up? Probably not. Doesn’t mean I can’t call it out for what it is, though. And some players do care. Mike Vick called his position on the list at #70 an insult, and yet over 3,000 fans have already voted on, saying he was overrated at seventy.

The one guy you know who loves this right now is Lovie Smith. He’s going to use it all season.

Jay Cutler was putting up solid numbers from the start last year and was red hot prior to his thumb injury. His team rode a five-game win streak with him and a five-game losing skid without him. They went from 30+ points per game to 13.6. And . . . I mean . . . well . . . Tim Tebow?!

Peyton Manning didn’t even play last season and he made the list. Politics.

The only reason I can even conjure up as to why they were snubbed is because they are on the Chicago Bears. The Bears are just never good enough. If Marshall did not come to Chicago, I believe he would have made it. I really do.

Another thought is that two of the most important pieces of the puzzle in Chicago also just happen to be two of the less likeable. Jay’s got jerkface, and Marshall likes to go clubbing at 4:00 AM. The Bears' players who made it (Hester, Forte, Peppers, Urlacher and Briggs)? All likeable.

I don’t tend to think Jay’s going to take him not making the list to heart. Marshall might, he might not. But it’s possible. It’s possible Jay comes out this year wanting to wreck everyone in his path. Between Kneegate, and the continued lack of respect around the league, he just might be out to kill some people.

Michael Jordan had that killer instinct. He would have used it.

But hey, if Tebow made the list this year, who knows, maybe J’Marcus Webb can make it next year . . .  

There are 12 running backs on that list, and only 10 offensive linemen. Something seems wrong there, too. Based on Eli Manning’s positioning, there should be 30 players in the league better than him. Can you name 30 players you’d trade Eli Manning to get? . . .  The two-time Super Bowl champ and super clutch Super Bowl quarterback?

It’s just a reminder why watching sports television is pointless. It just makes you mad over nonsense. Jay, please destroy everyone in your path this year.

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  • I am suprised you are suprised.

    I disdain events featuring judges as the arbitrators of victory....I don't like figure skating, the floor exercise, american idol, dancing with the stars or elections...anything where popularity is the single defining characteristic of victory is sure to dissappoint.

    Events with scoreboards and stop watches are up my alley...speed skating, sprinting, hurddles, hockey, basketball and yes, football. You cant cheat the stop watch or the photo finish. Objectivity over subjectivity EVERY time. This contest does not do the NFL network any good; just as enacting rules requiring officials to act as judges in the nfl will only act as termites to the foundation of the greatest sport in the world.

    Again I will say...I am suprised that you are suprised. I am not suprised that you, as an NFL fan, and a fan of objective scorekeeping as a decider of victory or defeat is utterly insulted and turned off by the arrogance of the NFL network for trying to act as the ultimate judge of talent in the NFL...but was it really talent they were rating? I don't think so. They likely saw it as the top 100 players who were good for their ratings. In that case, the list makes sense but who am I to understand what makes the producers at NFL network tick? I won't answer that last question as it is rhetorical in nature... I know what I know and I know some of what I don't know but there is alot I don't know that I don't know...but this thing that upsets you...I know.

  • In reply to Mouser:

    Im not surprised by any means, thats for sure. This was a 100% popularity contest in its final result. But I figured that there would still be a little bit of sanity on the list. I guess not. And its my obligation to complain haha. So It was necessary.

  • In reply to Mouser:

    this has to be the single greatest "comment" to an article I've ever read!

    Hey Adam, you hiring?

  • In reply to Alpha79:

    Mouser's good like that. And, yes, I'm always hiring!

  • Back in the old days, Chicago was a "stop-over" for planes, trains and automobiles as folks head West or East. why should the public thinking about Chicago change?

    We, as a City and our teams don't get any respect UNLESS we have teams that DOMINATE or Beat da shyt out of teams. Or, have Players and managers who ARE outrageous or act outrageous.

    So, sit back and wait for the Bears to either the head off of Aaron Rodgers, Cutler gets hurt or Marshall Implodes...

    I heard The "Tebow" Sports Programming Network, say they have been mentioning Forte ad- Nauseum... REALLY? Tebow farts and it's the lead story. He even has his own personal "Schrill" in Skip Bayless. Tebow can thank Skip and Marion Barber for putting more $$$ in his pocket, than his contract. Barber bumbled, stumble, fumbled his way to Bear Immortality while, Tebow was able to comeback in the Denver vs. Bear game,-
    (not only) ruining the Bear season and making him a semi-legend but, spawning the inane fanaticism with him.

    Some people like "shiney objects" (Shrug)

  • fb_avatar

    Get real, it's a 'what have you done for me lately sport' and what has Cutler done lately besides miss the postseason over and over.

    Tebow? He dug his team out of a 1-4 hole and took a less talented team than the Bears to the playoffs and scorched the #1 defensive team (Steelers) to progress to the 2nd round. Quit hating.

  • In reply to Brian Smith:

    LOL I see you like "shiney objects"...

    I could care less about Tebow, other than mocking silly people who think this guy belongs in the NFL as anything other than a joke. His team limped into the playoffs. Caught The Steelers "D" in a bad formation, not ready, and they got burned.

    The guy's a gimmick, a joke-if you will. let's see what he does NOW that teams have film on him.
    I hate Rodgers(a REAL QB), I laugh at this clown...

  • In reply to Brian Smith:

    Thanks for joining us, Brian!

    Cutler's value to the Bears was accentuated last season. He's the single most important player on that team. You're right; they've yet to make the best possible use of their talent, but I think that's why fans are so excited this offseason—Jay finally has some real weapons around him.

    The same Darren who wrote the article above also wrote how he will make zero excuses for Jay this season—it’s time to step up. But I really think it goes back to what he said above: which QB would you rather have run your offense? No brainer.

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    I'd rather have Cade McNown than Tim Tebow. At least then, you know you will have a top 5 pick in the draft.

  • In reply to Brian Smith:

    Tebows defense dug him out of a hole, and teams repeatedly choked against that bum. Jay was on FIRE leading up to the injury. And they were the hottest team in the league before the injury in case you didnt know

  • Reminder to all: the list was a current NFL player's poll. They (NFL peers) were 100% responsible for the folks that made the list & their positions.

    Great read though, Darren.

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