Greg Cosell: Perception is not reality when it comes to Jay Cutler

Rarely do we post direct links to other articles on the web, unless being used as a reference point. But today's "Cosell Talks" column on NFL Films was spot on, and serves to educate the misinformed as to why Jay Cutler is a "wow" passer and, as Cosell put it, a much better player than he's perceived to be. Enjoy!

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  • Agree with 97% of this ovservation!

    However, Matt Forte was responsible for over 40% of the Bears offensive yardage. So the notion that everything "ran through him" on offense was not perception, it was the reality. I will acknowledge though, that if Cutler had the receiving core that Emery has provided him with this year, his (Cutler) true value would be more than evident.


  • *observation*, sorry! skinny iPhone keys! LOL

  • Cutler has all the tools. Cutler is also knocking on the door of 30 years old I think. There is no time to talk about his is time for kinetic energy.

    I think Cutler will wow us this year if he has time to throw. More evidence that Forte's days are numbered as a Bear. The Bears are an explosive passing team now...we will all see that this fall and I'm excited! No more "cloud of dust and 3 yards" ! WOOT

  • In reply to Mouser:

    Jay's 29, which, for a QB, could be the midpoint of his career. He's in his prime, and his best days are ahead of him, IMO.

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