Bears not Super Bowl bound . . . yet

Bears not Super Bowl bound . . . yet
Like it or not, the Bears' offensive line is still a giant question mark.

Yes, that’s right . . . I am here to purposely crush your optimism with my brutal negativity. Sue me.

While the additions the Bears have made offensively are great and should make them have one of the most explosive offenses in football, big holes still remain to be filled. Holes that could mean the death of this team come time for the postseason.

Everyone is talking about it, but is a new offensive system really going to help a terrible offensive line that much? It should help a little bit now that Jay will be out of the pocket more, but bad players are still bad players.

J'Marcus Webb can’t get out of his stance, no matter how much he says he’s “got this” (see twitter). That issue has nothing to do Mike Martz’s fabled seven step drops. But who cares. It’s likely that Webb will be a backup anyway, as the great Chris Williams steps into the starting role (sarcasm).

The one positive the Bears’ o-line has going for them is their depth; right down to Edwin Williams, who got playing time last year. He’s a guy who could step in if someone is hurt or struggling. Gabe Carimi is back, though we don’t really know if he will be any good.

Everyone on this line has the ability to move around and contribute decently, which is a plus. Regardless, the offensive line is still a giant concern.

Moving on to a weak secondary . . . Tim Jennings is not a legitimate starting corner in this game. Nothing against him, though. He is fun to watch, he’s tough and he never quits. But his stone hands killed the Bears at times last year.

Also, in their division, the Bears need a legitimate corner—despite their defensive scheme. Unfortunately, Jennings is the best option right now opposite Tillman. And speaking of one of my all-time favorite Bears, how much longer can Charles Tillman show up and stop guys like Megatron on Sunday? He isn't getting any younger.

The clown crew the Bears trot out as "safeties" is the biggest concern on this team for me. Chris Conte played well enough to not get torched last season. He tackled well, too. But who is going to play strong safety? Rookie Brandon Hardin, who won’t be ready to start for a while (at least in my opinion)? Craig Steltz? No thanks. And Major Wright is major bad. I am not impressed with the crew the Bears have at strong safety. Maybe someone steps up and becomes a solid player, but I won’t hold my breath.

The Defensive line is still Julius Peppers . . . and those other guys. Melton has to be the guy regularly for this defense to be great. He still only shows up in short bursts. One minute he is blowing up the middle of someone’s offensive line, and the next minute he’s on roller skates. Stephen Paea shows some flashes of greatness last year, and maybe he can step up with a full training camp under his belt.

You can’t expect Shea McClellin to contribute and be a factor. He might contribute, but to expect big things is just ridiculous.

All I’m saying is, let’s reel in those Super Bowl expectations until we get a few games under our belts. This Bears team is primed to be great and explosive—probably the Best offense we've ever seen in blue and orange. But to say they have what it takes to win the Super Bowl is crazy right now. History says that the team that wins in free agency never wins the Super Bowl. Just ask the Dallas Cowboys about that.


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  • I thought I was reading Steve Rosenbloom...but, actually, I find his sarcasm witty and not too far off the mark.

    I can certainly see where your criticisms come from, but I just don't buy into the certainty of failure. There is not a team in the league that escapes such scrutiny and doubt...In this league, it is more about timing and good fortune on the injury front combined with talent and coaching. The Bears have what it takes this season, but like all teams they must play to their potential in all areas and beyond their potential in some areas and have a little good fortune (see NY Giants for good example).

    I wouldn't bet on any one team in this league, but the Bears have a really good chance to go to the big dance...we will all watch to see of the stars line up! Lets start with injuries...the talent is there already...then some good officiating and some well timed breaks.

  • In reply to Mouser:

    Agreed. The Bears DO have a great shot. But I gotta see this line in preseason before I really get my hopes up. Ive had to retract my superbowl dreams a bit from the moment we drafted Alshon. But I have my doubts at the left tackle position. That is a big cast of bad tackles. Just like I have my doubts on Carimi staying healthy with the Bears...until he gets cut and goes to the Cowboys where he becomes a probowler....okay okay ill stop. But yeah. I just cant get optimistic right now, at least that optimistic. For all we know, it could be them and Green Bay in the NFC Championship again.

  • I guess you're playing the ying to our yang.

    Now, I'm going on record saying we will go undefeated!


  • "You can’t expect Shea McClellin to contribute and be a factor. He might contribute, but to expect big things is just ridiculous."

    I disagree with this statement. You should always expect your 1st round pick (top 20 in this case) to be a big contributor and have a impact on your team. I can see if it was a 4th or 5th round pick, but if your 1st round pick is not on the field starting week 1 then that is a cause for concern.

  • In reply to Dominique Blanton:

    Well, Im not over the Angelo era yet where they usually get hurt or just plain suck. lol So admittedly, I just have no faith in any 1st round draft pick right now.

  • In reply to Dominique Blanton:

    Not to pile on Darren, but I agree. Absolutely expect him to be a factor. A Pro Bowler? No. A factor? 100%.

  • Sometimes, a first round pick comes in and plays like Dan Marino...or like Ryan Leaf. I fully expect McClellin to play well and Alshon and our new Safety...I expect the top three picks to contribute and one of them to "flash" some greatness. Yes, Angelo made the draft seem like russian roulette but most great teams do draft well, and coach well, and manage their money well. I bet if you looked at the statistics, the NFL's best teams manage their cap well and those at the bottom of the NFL have put money in players that don't pan out, draft badly and are otherwise mis-managed.

    Angelo is out...Tice, Marinelli and Lovie will make Emery proud if Emery is the GM we all hope he lets start by changing our thinking and expectations and look at the upside and EXPECT Emery to draft winners! If he does that, we are champions shortly and we are not looking at the end of a good team but the beginning of the nex winning tradition in Chicago. The 85 Bears were created through the draft and it wasnt until 84 that I thought we were on to something special.

  • In reply to Mouser:

    I expect Alshon to big a big factor. But I keep seeing visions of bad Bears 1st round picks in my head. Im programmed to think that until proven otherwise.

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