Phil Emery making a good first impression

Phil Emery making a good first impression
Phil Emery's solid personnel decisions are giving Bears fans hope for the future.

We won’t know the outcome of Bears’ new General Manager Phil Emery’s roster decisions until the season is over, but as a Bears fan, you have to be impressed with Emery’s approach toward improving the overall talent on the roster. Emery has stood by his introductory press conference when he said he would do just that.

Something Emery has done, where former Bears’ G.M. Jerry Angelo failed miserably, has been to surround Jay Cutler with weapons that will help maximize his potential. Emery didn’t give Jay a Roy Williams-type reclamation project, but instead a top-flight WR in Brandon Marshall who has on-field chemistry with Jay.

Emery compounded the Marshall acquisition by drafting a similar type player once considered a top-15 talent in former South Carolina WR Alshon Jeffery. And just when you thought Emery was done putting weapons around Jay in the Draft, he selected hybrid FB/TE Evan Rodriguez in the fourth-round. Rodriguez has drawn comparisons to Patriots’ dual-weapon Aaron Hernandez.

While there are still some fans who feel the Bears’ front office should “Pay Da Man,” Emery has handled the situation in a way I wasn’t expecting a rookie G.M. to handle it. He has set up the dominos in such a way so that all the little leverage Forte had is now gone. Michael Bush might not be the top-end talent that Forte is, but he’s a starting caliber back, and when you combine that with the weapons complimenting the run game, Forte’s value to the team diminishes a bit.

While Emery has put his stamp on the offense, making sure Cutler is surrounded by as much talent as possible, he also bolstered some spots on a defense that’s already built to compete for a Championship. Additional outside pass rush, defensive back and linebacker depth were the most pressing needs on the defensive side of the ball, and for the most part, Emery has answered those needs.

First-round draft pick Shea McClellin is thought of to be the answer for outside pass rush help opposite Julius Peppers, while third- and sixth-round draft picks SS Brandon Hardin and CB Isaiah Frey are expected to bolster depth in the defensive backfield. The draft picks add to the depth created signing veteran free agents Kelvin Hayden and Tim Jennings, who Emery brought back on a 2-year deal.

The roster moves Phil Emery has made in his first season as Bears’ G.M. justify the characteristic owner George McCaskey, Team President Ted Phillips, scouts, and media around the NFL had associated with Emery.  Seems to me Emery evaluated this team thoroughly using not only last season, but many seasons.

What killed this team last season were depth problems at key positions, and Emery in his first year has created a team with good depth, and with some positions likely to create fierce training camp battles.

It’s early in Emery’s tenure as Bears’ G.M. but judging by the moves and personnel decisions in his first year, he has this team’s arrow pointing in the right direction.


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  • LOL...I thought to myself... Darryl, you drank the kool-aid!

    In all seriousness, mark me down in the cautionsly optimistic crowd...I think a lot of things have to happen for this to be a great draft....
    1. Shea Mclellin has to be someone we dont think he is(take that Dennis Greene!) By that I mean he had good statistics, but not great statistics so his athleticism will have to carry to the NFL and yield productivity opposite Julius Peppers...anything less will not be acceptable because Angelo rarely got the first round right and that is the round where you have the best odds of picking a good or great player.

    2. Jeffery must be good enough to warrent a second contract...that will mean pushing the 1000 yard mark if not obtaining it a couple of times before his next contract...I like his chances assuming he stays motivated to work and keep in shape. If he can't make it with Cutler at the helm, he cant make it period.
    3. Our new safety must stay healthy and make an impact, probably start...really one of the top 3 needs to turn into a juggernaut in this league ane if there was one pick to waste...this would be it.
    4. One of the remaining players in 4-7 and/or FA needs to turn into a starting caliber player...again that is signed to a second contract.
    5. Most importantly, the Bears brain trust needs to be correct about their analysis, diagnosis, and perscriptive cure for the OL...if not, Cutler will not see the post season and Campbell, while being pretty good, I don't think he is the same caliber as Cutler and may meet the same fate.

    I guess every crowd needs someone to reign in the faithful and zeolots...I am not cynical, but have a Missouri "show me" mantra due to years of excrutiating pain at the hands of Jack Pardee, Neil Armstrong, Bob Avellini, Cade McNown, Jonathon Quinn, Rexy, Gary Crowton, Jerry Angelo, Rick Mirer, Caleb Hanie, Mike Martz and so on and so on and so on...time to stop...depression setting in...I'm looking forward to cheering for Bear wins...especially against the Pack!

  • In reply to Mouser:

    ooops, I meant Dominique!

  • In reply to Mouser:

    Lol and I'm usually not an overly optimistic guy, but I can't help but look at his approach this off-season and get a good feel for the guy. He seems to get it.

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