Can someone please cut J'Marcus Webb a slice of humble pie?

Can someone please cut J'Marcus Webb a slice of humble pie?

If you follow the Chicago Bears’ starting left tackle on Twitter, 23 year-old J’Marcus Webb, you already know all about his affinity for women, tacos and something called “JWEBB NATION.” If you follow him on the football field, however, you know all about his struggles at tackle.

Let’s just get the realities of the situation out on the table now: J’Marcus Webb was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the seventh-round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He’s played one season at right tackle and one season at left tackle—both were below average.

Now here’s some more reality: if you’re going to try and groom a seventh-round Draft selection to be your starting left tackle, it’s going to take some patience. It going to take longer than one season, and it’s going to take a lot of hard work. Webb is, I will admit, talented, and the coaching staff seems to believe in him.

But don’t ask Bears fans to share either that belief or that patience; it’s not going to happen until something changes on the field. And it’s why no measure of big-talk, whether from Lovie Smith, Mike Tice or Webb himself, will garner much enthusiasm from real fans of the game.

For that to happen, football needs to be played, and improvement needs to be made. Webb may in fact do just that, but until that day comes, I’d suggest he tries a little modesty on for size. Here are some recent snippets from that aforementioned twitter account:

@jmarcuswebb: "This season has been changed from third and long to I GOT THIS!"

Okay, not bad at all. Perhaps a bit interesting, seeing as how the season hasn’t even started, thus how can it be changed to something, but no big deal. And this next one is really the same—no biggie—and is at least consistent with his mantra above:

@jmarcuswebb: “Just wait til those pads come on and I can hit someone! I feel sorry for whoever should line up against me! ‘I Got This!’

Again, not so bad. But, assumedly, these short series of tweets caused some of his teammates to take notice, which apparently also spurred some conversation amongst peers, because shortly thereafter Webb tweeted this:

@jmarcuswebb: “My teammates ask me about my post and I just play dumb! ‘What? I didn't write that! Whose dumb?’

I won’t even comment on the irony of writing the question “whose dumb?” when it should read “who’s dumb?” but this isn’t English class, it’s football, dammit. Either way, I’m sure his teammates were relieved—along with all Chicago Bears fans—when he let us in on a little secret just days later:

@jmarcuswebb: “O-line will kick ass this year! Go Bears!

The tweet above spurred quite a few responses from “JWEBB NATION,” including this one from a fella who calls himself Jay Rock:

@killerjrock: “@jmarcuswebb Now that your on the bench

I’ll also refrain from commenting on Jay Rock’s grammar. Either way, Webb then responded ever so eloquently to Mr. Rock by saying . . .

@jmarcuswebb: “@killerjrock your face is on the bench!

Kind of funny, really. And the truth is all of these tweets are in-and-of-themselves no big deal. But this last one, which I can only assume Webb wrote while eating tacos and looking at beautiful women, was the one that really put me over the edge:

@jmarcuswebb: “Bring on Peppers! Bring on Wooten! I'm ready for those girls at practice!

Why should any of this bother me, a Chicago Bears fan?

Prior to the 2011 season, Pro Football Focus called Webb the worst RT in the league in pass protection and wondered why the Bears would then move him over to the quarterback’s blindside. Following the 2011 season, Pro Football Focus ranked Webb the worst full-time starter at LT in the NFL.

Two seasons, two titles of “worst.” And yet all the confidence in the world.

Mike Martz or no Mike Martz, Webb was responsible for 38 pressures in 2011 and was penalized a team-high 15 times for 82 yards, resulting in eight stalled drives. Football Outsiders agreed with PFF’s assessment, listing Webb “among the worst [left tackles] in the League.”

So, what’s my point? I’m not suggesting to anyone that Webb’s antics are directly detrimental to his team, and I’m not suggesting—as some might—that he should stop tweeting altogether. I think it’s cool that he connects with his fans and is so transparent about his feelings.

But the problem here is that Webb is a kid. He’s 23 years-old, and he’s no leader. Your starting left tackle doesn’t need to be the leader in the locker room necessarily, but he does need to eat a slice of humble pie from time to time. His teammates know exactly where the weak links in the chain are, and if Webb fails to produce on the field, they’ll soon have had enough of his big mouth, too.

Webb’s own quarterback has very serious concerns about his abilities, as made apparent in this quote to the Chicago Tribune just days ago: “The offensive line is definitely going to be a concern,” Cutler said. “Seeing where those guys fit in and seeing what five we go with. You know, if Gabe [Carimi] comes back, if J'Marcus [Webb] pans out [and] Chris Williams, where we're going to put him . . . there are some question marks there. Until we really get that resolved, get our front five settled, we've got some work to do on the offense.”

The two key phrases there being “If J’Marcus pans out” and “We’ve got some work to do.” That’s your quarterback, J’Marcus. And he’s right; you’ve got some work to do.

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  • I couldn't disagree more with this Adam. Would you rather see him walking around all limp-wristed like Chris Williams?

    Is that the sort of player you want? If so, you can have it.

    Personally, our o-line needs some attitude and at least J'Marcus Webb is man enough to try and give it some.

    Do you think he doesn't know he (and the rest of the o-line) sucked the last two years?

    Obviously he WILL eat some humble pie if he doesn't back it up this year. But if he thinks he's "GOT THIS", good on him. I, for one, hope he does.

  • In reply to sethneal:

    I totally get that, Seth. Thanks for the comment! I like Webb's enthusiasm, I'm just more from the school of “don't tell me, show me.” You don’t see Cutler and Marshall talking about how they’re going to mop the floor with defensive backs around the league, but they’re still excited for the season. It’s a very fine line, and I think that given Webb’s past performance, he’s crossing it. Just my opinion. I still like the guy.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to sethneal:

    Well, it about to be the 3rd week in the regular season and I imagine that delusional supporters of J'marcus Webb have realized that he is certainly no better than last fact, he is terrible and he is going to get Jay Cutler killed. He needs to shut up with his constant banter about how good he is and prove it on the field. Otherwise, Jay Cutler may not be the only one on his team "bumping" him out of frustration. Grow up.

  • I'm sorry to disagree Adam. But what we are seeing this off-season is a ton of Chicago Meatball Media. Last year it was Pompie standing on his soapbox saying the Bears should cancel Bourbonais, this year we have Biggs implying that Webb will lose his job to Williams and a few weeks ago we had another reporter saying that Hester wasn't going to be on the Bears Return team until Toub put that to rest the other day.

    It's the off-season, they have not drafted, traded or signed any FA OT's. In my opinion unless something like that has occurred, they will give Webb a fighting chance to keep his job at Training Camp when they put the pads on and go 100% against another team. Until then, it is his job to lose. Mike Tice obviously sees something in Webb or they would have addressed that position this off-season.

    This is a new Offensive blocking scheme. Last year we had Martz who was stubborn and would not adjust the Offensive Play calling in order to protect the QB. The New Orleans Saints and the 2nd Vikings game were prime examples of this. The man refused to bring the TE over to the Left side of the line in order to pick up the Blitz. Mike Tice has already addressed this being a new scheme in a Chicago Bears Video. It is obvious that he was not a fan of the pass protection that went along with the Mike Martz's greatest show on turf. And with that being said, everyone on this OLine will receive a far shot in keeping their job this Summer Camp.

    As far as the media implying Williams will take the LT position goes...Please remember Williams got hurt and Frank Omieyelle took the job away from him two seasons ago because HE played LT better. I don't see Chris Williams being an upgrade over J'Marcus Webb.

  • In reply to Drunkntailgater:

    Don't be sorry. I know there are a lot of folks who will disagree with me on this. I didn’t intend to make it sound like a big deal. I just wanted to get across that, personally, I'd rather see him conduct himself differently. Is it really any of my business? Not really. But as a fan, that's just the way I feel.

    Like I said above, I’m not ruling out improvement for Webb this season, and I know exactly what the Bears see in him: potential. He’s a talented football player, but it irks me to hear a player talk about how great the WILL be when all he’s been is bad. Just. Do. It.

    Thanks for the comment, buddy. Stop by more often!

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    I do read your articles from time to time. I just don't comment too often. It's hard to start a debate when I agree with most everything you say! LOL

    Webb's tweets (actually Facebook comments linked to twitter) are showing me that he is excited about Tice being in 100% control of the Offensive Blocking scheme. Just like everything else people read.....some interpret it differently than others. But if he is excited about it....I'm really hoping to see a massive improvement on the OLine my friend!

  • In reply to Drunkntailgater:

    LOL . . . That's a good point, too. I'm sure some of the confidence stems from a long-gone Mike Martz. And you know Tice will do everything in his power on offense to help the o-line succeed. Well taken.

  • 'J-Webb Nation' mostly consist of NFC North DE's!

    On a another note, I'm starting to suspect that good ole' J-Webb may be failing a future drug test. Using "Peppers" & "girl" in the same sentence can get you killed man! SMH

    LMAO @ "whose dumb?" -- you can lead a horse to college but you can't make'm _________!

  • In reply to Alpha79:

    Knew I could count on Alpha to see the light!

  • Lot of big talk from Webb, but in way I kind of dig it. Shows me he is pumped up for camp.

  • In reply to Dominique Blanton:

    I was pumped up earlier today. Doesn't mean I'm making Peppers look like a girl anytime soon. LOL

    Nah, I get that side of it. Totally.

  • In my professional life, I have hired a lot of people...some of them later had to be fired. Those that are fired usually have something missing between the ears...that is to say that they are the last ones to get the message that "they suck" even when you tell them, write it down, reprimand them all the way out the door.

    This Webb article brings back bad all know that I am on the fire webb bandwagon and this further reinforces my postion....he sucks and he is the ONLY PERSON who doesnt know it!
    I think in secret meetings, lovie, Angelo...I mean Emery, Tice and now Bates are devising ways to work around the hickie at left money is on C. Williams makin an encore appearance but that doesn't make me sleep any better. Webb is a cocky fool who needs to be shown the door...only then will reality sink in that he is the WORST LT in the NFL!!! bar none! no amount of tweeting, bragging or fantasizing is going to change that....the reality cops ALWAYS get their man....nuff said....sink his battleship!

  • In reply to Mouser:

    There’s Mouser. Been waiting for your return.

    Funny thing is Webb actually asked us last night if we wanted to do an interview after the attention the post received. He hasn't followed up with me on it yet, but if he does, we'll get his perspective.

  • Hey Mouser, why don't you tell'm how you really feel!

    LMAO -- Wow!!

  • Funny thing is...I am not an emotional person by nature but the Bears have a way of provoking my inner child I think...I can not root for another matter how hard I have tried! I have family in AZ...I watch the Cards, but don't really root for them...I grew up in Indiana, yet the Colts do nothing for me...even in this era of NFL Sunday ticket. It is the Chicago Football Bears that stirs my wife plays fantasy football...I tried it once, but it distracts me from watching the Bears so I don't do it.

    This whole Webb sitation makes my blood boil and when the guy acts like he is good and we all know he is not...just makes me furious that our Bears management haven't come up with a credible plan B.

  • In reply to Mouser:

    Here's the way Webb put it to me, and it did make me laugh: "It's like not being able to get excited for Christmas." Having said that, I'm still with you, Mouser.

  • WOW! I thought I was the only person who thought this dude was weird/nuts...
    I got to the point, I stopped reading him. It appeared he (literally) was 1-of those guys communicating from his Moms basement, who no one understood. A big doofus(if you will) who was a ticking time-bomb waiting to explode. I wonder if he has family? Girlfriend, wife etc,.

    His(Ahem) confidence is commendable. You like that in a player, but, let's be real that PFF's assessment is NO Lie, he stunk last year!

    I hope he shows improvement(in Traing Camp) or Lovie and the gang moves on- and move on QUICKLY! This season is NOT a season for suffering less than stellar play from any player. We cannot afford weak links or coddling players.

    I'm afraid this dude might get Cutler Killed.

    My 2- cents

  • In reply to geeman2159:

    This is totally not fair—I admit that up front—but I always thought Webb could be a closet serial killer. Dude's updates are crazy-weird.

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    lol ok,
    I think you missed my point-SOMEWHAT. I meant his life doesn't appear to be "Centered", based on his "Tweets". He doesn't "Appear" to have the benefit/stability of loved ones around him. A "Lone Wolf"- if you will.

    What good can come from him calling his fellow team mates- "girls"?
    Peppers has the ability to "embarrassed" the kid every play- at practice, if he desired. I get the feeling this kid doesn't fully realize that he's on thin-ice, at least with the Bears. He'll be on a very short leash this year. We NEED a healthy Cutler for a full season plus playoffs.

    Just a strange dude, in a peculiar situation. I kind of like his confidence(although it reeks of "False Bravado"). (IMO) He has a lot of maturing/growing up to do.


  • In reply to geeman2159:

    Ha-ha . . . no, I got you, Gee! That was me talking. And, of course, I was joking!

  • Hopefully this will make sense...nearly every really good player I have watched come up through the league, flashes something his first year of real playing time...every once in awhile, a guy suprises you 4 or 5 years into the league...but it is extemely rare. More often, a player does something that makes it not so difficult to imagine him doing it more...and more consistently...and being a good player in this league.

    Webb, to me, has flashed absolutely nothing in his two years of starting in this league at either tackle spot. I have said before, the if I were GM, I would employ a full time statistician/linear programmer to test my theories...they may not be absolutely correct, but I'll bet they are close. How many really good, starting caliber players, that were offered a secone contract by their team showed statistical dominance at some early stage of their career? I'll be many/most did and those that didn't are the exception...Carimi for example...not hard to project him into the future with what he did in just a couple of games and preseason. Webb...not so.

    Having said all of that...Webb does not look the part and he sure doesn't sound the part. Sometimes I wonder why our leadership takes so long to make up their minds with a guy like Webb, yet can't find a way to sign an Okoye, Brandon Lloyd or Corey Graham that did flash and look the part for a period of time?

  • In reply to Mouser:

    I agree with much of what you said, but the truth is, they're not waiting too long with Webb, and he does have talent (have to watch film on this kid). It's going to take more than one season at LT to groom a 7th-rounder as your starter. But, the other reality is that the Bears have to understand fans don't give a $hi+, and we're not interested in their projects.

    Truthfully, though, I'm too excited for this group's potential to let Webb get me down. I got it out of my system w/ this post and am just enjoying his attitude now. I still fell the same, just don't care now that it's of my chest. This group could be really, really good, despite LT.

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    Yo Adam,
    I know you've probably discussed this to death but, (and if I'm out-of-order) directing conversation, I apologize but,-
    I'd like to hear your take on the Forte situation?

    I find it somewhat disturbing that The Bears had no problem taking care of Urlacher, Briggs, Hester, Bennett & Cutler but, seem to draw-the-line at Forte?
    I laugh at how Bear Fan can call the Mc Caskey's cheap in 1-breath, then land on their side against Forte.
    The kid has done every thing they've asked of him. Made the best of his situation at RB. Watched the Bears bring in other backs- PAY THEM- when they haven't done anything for the team and watch them(subsequently) fail.
    There's such a Positive vibe with this team this off-season, With the Draft picks and free agents, I would hate to see it ruined by Forte holding out.
    I've wrestled with the old- "It's a business" mantra and-
    "running backs" are expendable. At what point do you risk alienating your best back?

    What say you?

  • In reply to geeman2159:

    By no means out of line, I appreciate the conversation! I've written about the Forte situation extensively on this site. If you select the “Matt Forte” tag at the bottom of the post, you should be able to read most of it. My take is simple: it's in the Bears' best interest to sign Forte long-term. If they have to overpay slightly, they should not shy away from that. However, it's a tough egg to crack simply because we don't what Forte thinks is fair. If he wants to be paid like AP, and among the top, say, three backs in the game, they can't do it when they don't have to. I believe the Bears want him under a long-term deal but it takes two to tango. Forte has to give a little, too. I'm not against his cause, but I'll also defend the Bears' right to tag him.

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