Bears' top farm schools during the Lovie Smith era

Bears' top farm schools during the Lovie Smith era

The other night I found myself wondering—for no apparent reason whatsoever—which Colleges/Universities the Chicago Bears have, historically, drafted from the most. If you know A) where to get the data and B) how to filter the data in an Excel spreadsheet, it’s not that difficult a thing to do.

But, when filtering through records which date all the way back to 1936 . . . well, let’s just say that, even with a fancy Excel spreadsheet, it can be mind-numbing. So I instead decided to focus on Drafts during the Lovie Smith era (2004-present).

Initially, I put the whole thing out on twitter instead of the blog and botched it badly. I had some critical typos (tweeting an entire column from you iPhone does that . . . give me a break!) and decided to put the info back out, corrected.

But, so as not to forget those of you who have yet to enjoy the wonderful world of twitter, here’s a look at the results:

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