Why Shea McClellin?

Why Shea McClellin?

Upon hearing Roger Goodell read off the name “Shea McClellin,” the high that many Bears fans were on, sunk to a complete low. The reaction on twitter was a collective "Uhh . . . who? What?!" No one really knows who he is, and personally, I had never really cared to know of him. I wouldn't think the Bears would pick this guy.

He was projected to be a 3-4 linebacker. Nowhere in his scouting reports does it say that he can put his hand down on the line and be an every down defensive end. He could possibly see some time on passing downs exclusively, but Emery claims he's an every down defensive end. I won’t hold my breath.

Okay, okay, I may be overreacting. That’s my job though, so shut it! It's hard to get mad at a pick that we know nothing about. But trust me, I was mad last night. Those who follow me on Twitter know that.

Apparently, McClellin is a versatile player. Emery mentioned his ability to play special teams as well. Hey Phil, you don't draft special teams players in the first-round! Right now, no one really knows what role he will actually play come September. If Lovie has anything to do with it, he will play every position from kick returner, to left tackle. Lovie changes player positions more than he changes his underwear.

Immediately, people started asking, "Urlachers replacement?" I doubt it . . .  big time. My fear is that he is more “hard worker,” rather than “talented athlete.”

What I don't like about this pick is it just sounds like Israel Idonije all over again. Hard worker, versatile, great on special teams . . . all that jazz.

But there is one interesting take on this pick that I came up with after realizing who the Bears drafted. Could Emery possibly be gearing up with guys who fit a 3-4 system if Lovie ends up not the Bears head coach next year? This guy would fit that mold well as the blitzing 3-4 linebacker. He is comparable to Clay Matthews from a size perspective. We shall see.

Time will tell, and I can’t slam Emery just yet; he has done too much good. But I’m curious to see what he looks like up close and personal in training camp this year.

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  • Darren, you know I love you, brother. But I really think everyone is overreacting to Emery saying he'd play special teams. Who gives a $%#!? There are plenty of starters in the League who play special teams. It doesn't mean that's why he was drafted. Heck, Brian Urlacher played STs for years and was named ST POTW in 2001. He was a ninth overall selection. Emery is just saying the guy is versatile, IMO.

    Plus . . . I'm always right! :)

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    But the Bears should have kept Olin, right? yeah, you're always right!

  • In reply to Darren Doxey:


  • Have to say I am on that Urlacher bandwagon. I just hope Emery and his merry band of scouts witnessed him turn into The Hulk behind closed doors in the locker room.

  • He'll add 12lbs before season starts & become a popular player in the Windy! Deep breath, Darren...deep breath!

    Stay Tuned . . .

  • I am still having Angelo flashbacks or deja vu...whatever you want to call it. How this draft is classic Angelo...
    1. Draft a DL high..."you can never have enough lineman"...especially when you reach and draft poorly.
    2. Draft a Safety ... again!... you can never have enough safeties...especially when you draft like Angelo.
    3. Talk about taking the best player available and then pass on the best player available.
    4. Refuse to address your biggest unaddressed Hickie when the opportunitiy presents itself...LT
    5. Draft a player high that every Bear fan must google to find out who the heck he is!
    6. Draft a player high with injury history...our new safety has a medical jacket thicker than Blago's rap sheet!
    7. Reach so far that even the commentators during the draft get suddenly silent while the scratch their heads...not once, but twice!
    8. Draft from Oregon St. Still waiting for the complementary Vanderbilt pick...maybe today.

    How this draft was different from Bear's drafts.
    1. Aggressively trade up to pick a WR with potential play making ability.
    2. ....uh that is about it.

    Like all drafts, we will have to wait a couple of years for this to play out. The Emery honeymoon is officially over for me. I don't have a choice but to wait to see what happens during the regular season and hopefully I will be able to serve myself a big platter of Crow...but I don't think so. It did occur to me that Emery cut his teeth as a Bear and this draft feels like most other drafts I've watched. I was so excited then..." With the 19th pick, the Chicago Bears select " Who? Quick Google that guy? Boise St? What about Reiff...LT? What about Mercilus? What about anybody but a guy who will go in the second round!

    All I can say is Wow...I am still stinging....I didn't even watch the second and third rounds....I just knew the Bears would select a safety after that. I know the Bears will either select or FA sign their next LT "developmental" prospect. It is time to pray for Jay Cutler....and I don't buy the thought that rookie linemen don't produce...many do and many don't as with any position (Carimi did for 2 games). J'Marcus Webb is the WORST RATED left tackle from last year. When your that bad, any change is better than no change.

  • Mouser ... agree on all points. The only pick I like is Jeffrey in the 2nd. The McClellin pick at #19 is a head-scratcher for me. Especially when there were was, IMO, equal or better talent at DE more suited for the 4-3 at #19. With Reiff and DeCastro still on the board in the 1st round, I actually started to wonder if the Bears would pull the trigger and address thee OL. As for Hardin, this is an "awful" pick in the 3rd. I can't believe Hardin would not have been available in later rounds, or even went undrafted with his injury history and lack of production. For crying out loud, the guy only had "one" INT in his college career.

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