Nike NFL uniforms to be revealed Tuesday

Nike NFL uniforms to be revealed Tuesday

NEW YORK, NY – Nike, the new provider of NFL uniforms, will unveil a new look for most of the League’s 32 franchises today at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn.

For some—the Seattle Seahawks, for example—the change is expected to be significant. For others, like Chicago’s beloved Bears, tradition will hold firm.

While every jersey will have marked alterations (because of tailoring modifications), some designs will not see much, if any, changes.

The Bears’ NFC North rival Detroit Lions changed their logo in 2009, which means they are still under the NFL five-year rule that prohibits any further uniform change.

Chicago Bears Huddle has learned that a player from each of the 32 NFL franchises will be on hand to “model” their team’s respective home jersey.

While alternates and road jerseys will be marked with the same changes as the mainstay, Nike says they will not be a part of the Tuesday reveal.

Some teams who could see significant changes today are the Seahawks, Jaguars, Dolphins, Panthers and Chiefs—although, none but the Seahawks has been confirmed.

Eagles’ QB Michael Vick, however, tweeted this Monday night: “The new NFL uniforms thru Nike are going to be crazy . . . Innovation at its finest!”

“You are going to see a different quality in the products,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said yesterday at the NFL pop-up store in Manhattan, NY. “They are more performance related, particularly the jerseys, which will be launched tomorrow, and of course, style.”

Goodell also said the uniforms are designed to have somewhat of a unisex appeal . . .

“Women fans are huge for us. As a matter of fact, my first purchase today was for all of my women at home. The line, women are going to love it because it is designed for them and it is intended to be performance related for them.”

I will be covering the event live today from New York, which begins at 11:00 a.m. You can find up-to-the-minute updates and photos on my twitter page.

UPDATE: You can have a look at all 32 NFL team's new Nike uniforms here!

Disclosure: Nike secured and covered costs for my airfare and hotel accommodations to attend this event.

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  • HEADLINE: "ex-Bears LB Shaw re-signs with Titans."




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