Bears to announce 2011 season Brian Piccolo Award winners

Bears to announce 2011 season Brian Piccolo Award winners
“When they think of him, it’s not how he died that they'll remember, but rather how he lived. How he did live!” ~ Brian's Song

Veteran DT Anthony Adams and rookie OL J’Marcus Webb were last year’s recipients of the prestigious award. On Tuesday, April 24 at 10:30 a.m., the Bears will announce Brian Piccolo Award winners from the 2011 season.

The honor has been given to a Bears rookie since 1970 and was expanded in 1992 to include a veteran winner. Chicago Bears players vote for the rookie and veteran player who best exemplifies the courage, loyalty, teamwork, dedication, and sense of humor of the late Brian Piccolo.

From the Piccolo foundation website . . .

Brian Piccolo signed with the Bears as a free agent out of Wake Forest in 1965-the same year Hall of Famer Gale Sayers was drafted. The two became roommates, and Piccolo’s support of Sayers through a devastating knee injury, as well as Sayers’ devotion when Piccolo was stricken with cancer in 1969, became the stuff of legend.

Piccolo was in his fourth season when a chest x-ray revealed a malignancy. Several months later on June 16, 1970, he died at age 26 from embryonal cell carcinoma.

Following his death, the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund was established and proceeds were sent to the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York for research on embryonal cell carcinoma. At the time Piccolo died, the disease was 100% fatal, but today the cure rate is more than 50%.

Since turning its attention to the fight against breast cancer, the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund, as well as all those who have generously joined in its efforts, has raised over $8 million for research since 1991. The fund remains active and welcomes the interest of contributions of others who share its commitment to breast cancer research and to the memory of Brian Piccolo.

The film “Brian's Song” tells the story of Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers, highlighting their football careers with the Chicago Bears, and, more importantly, their strong friendship.

We'll update this post with the winners on April 24, 2012.

Former Piccolo Award Winners

2010 - Anthony Adams (DT), J’Marcus Webb (OT)
2009 - Olin Kreutz (C), Johnny Knox (WR)
2008 - Charles Tillman (CB), Matt Forte (RB)
2007 - Brian Urlacher (LB), Greg Olsen (TE)
2006 - Olin Kreutz (C), Devin Hester (PR/KR)
2005 - John Tait (T), Chris Harris (S)
2004 - Olin Kreutz (C), Tommie Harris (DT)
2003 - Olin Kreutz (C), Charles Tillman (CB)
2002 - Phillip Daniels (DE), Alex Brown (DE)
2001 - James Williams (T), Anthony Thomas (RB)
2000 - Clyde Simmons (DE), Brian Urlacher (LB)
1999 - Marcus Robinson (WR), Jerry Azumah (DB)
1998 - Bobby Engram (WR), Tony Parrish (S)
1997 - Ryan Wetnight (TE), John Allred (TE), Van Hiles (S)
1996 - Chris Zorich (DT), Bobby Engram (WR)
1995 - Erik Kramer (QB), Rashaan Salaam (RB)
1994 - Shaun Gayle (S), Raymont Harris (RB)
1993 - Tom Waddle (WR), Myron Baker (LB), Todd Perry (T)
1992 - Mike Singletary (LB), Troy Auzenne (T)
1991 - Chris Zorich (DT)
1990 - Mark Carrier (S)
1989 - Trace Armstrong (DE)
1988 - James Thornton (TE), Mickey Pruitt (LB)
1987 - Ron Morris (WR)
1986 - Neal Anderson (RB)
1985 - Kevin Butler (K)
1984 - Shaun Gayle (DB)
1983 - Jim Covert (T)
1982 - Jim McMahon (QB)
1981 - Mike Singletary (LB)
1980 - Bob Fisher (TE)
1979 - Dan Hampton (DE)
1978 - John Skibinski (RB)
1977 - Ted Albrecht (T)
1976 - Brian Baschnagel (WR)
1975 - Roland Harper (RB)
1974 - Fred Pagac (TE)
1973 - Wally Chambers (DT)
1972 - Jim Osborne (DT)
1971 - Jerry Moore (S)
1970 - Glen Golloway (G)

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