Bears select Temple TE Evan Rodriguez

Bears select Temple TE Evan Rodriguez

The Bears selected Temple TE Evan Rodrigeuz in the fourth-round of the 2012 NFL Draft on Saturday. They now catch a break as they are without a fifth-round selection.

I’m at the complete mercy of the scouting reports on this one. I’ve never seen Rodriguez play, and I can’t speak to his character. But, according to at least three player profiles, the red flags are prevelent.

But first, to set the stage: Rodriguez stands at 6’ 1”, 239 lbs. He’s listed with a 4.58 40 time and put up 18 reps on the 225 lb. bench press at the Combine. He was invited as an H-back, and, according to multiple reports, most teams had him listed exactly as such. Even as an H-back, the best projection I can find for him is the fifth-round.

He started his career at West Virginia. But, after an alleged altercation involving Rodriguez and a female residence advisor resulted in felony assault charges (ultimately reduced to disturbance and misdemeanor trespassing), he transferred to Temple.

He struggled to find his place on the team through 2008 and 2009 and finally began to line up at tight end in 2010. He played most of 2011 after being suspended for “violating team rules.” He impressed mostly on special teams. His career stats included 69 catches for 871 yards and seven touchdowns.

Scouting reports say he is naturally athletic but lacks muscle definition and physicality. He’s been called immature, lazy and an underachiever. Trust me, I’m not trying to actively sway your initial perception because, again, I have no idea, but this is the information that’s out there. Here was one statement: “He does not know what it means to be a pro. Character and dependability need to be investigated.”

Rodriguez is also considered by some to be an injury risk, having missed time following hernia surgery.

Quite honestly, the only consistencies on his scouting reports are the negatives. One report suggests he can be an effective blocker, while another says he fails to square-up consistently and doesn't sustain blocks. One says he’s raw and stiff as a receiver, while another touts his fluid movement.

My initial reaction (and I realized that’s all it is, having never seen him play)? There were better players on the board, and this is another pick where it seems Emery may have reached to get his guy earlier than he had to. But again, what do I know?

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  • I had high hopes for this draft, especially with Emery's FA moves in the off-season. However, with the last two picks (Hardin & Rodriquez) this draft is quickly turning into a C- / D+ draft for Emery ... IMO. It is truly bewildering how this organization consistently ignores its most pressing needs i.e. OL, CG, DT, LB, etc. Eight Safeties in 8-yrs (three in the 3rd round the past three drafts)? What happened to avoiding injury-proned players i.e. Hardin? I do like the first two picks i.e. McClellin and Jeffery. However, there are too many similarities with Angelo's & Emery's selections, which leads me to conclude Lovie is pulling the strings behind the scenes (and during Angelo's tenure). Admittedly, I'm not a Lovie Smith fan, and don't think the Bears will get better as an organization until he is removed as head coach.

  • Well Em, even I can't save you from GM Mouser on this one...

  • In reply to Alpha79:

    If GM Mouser disagrees, I will respect his opinion. However, I enjoy the "Bears Huddle" b/c the posters have solid insights and balanced input. Much better then other sites where everyone is launching personal attacks on one another.

  • In reply to Aero1964:

    I think he meant that Mouser will be taking up his frustrations with Phil Emery, not you. I think he'll agree! :)

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  • Well...I have to say I continue to be underwhelmed. I find it very hard to project beyond the 3rd round, but as I saw this unfolding...I thought for sure that we'd pick up a DT in the 4th round. Later rounds are for special teams and developmental picks so I seldom pay attention. If you look at Bears history in round 5-7, you'll note that we have not picked any offensive or defensive starters of note in 20 years...I did not go beyond that in terms of compiling data but I do remember a certain Dent and Bortz selected in the 8th round of the 83 draft so it can be done.

    All I can say is that we picked a DE from Boise St. who was a stretch while two of our division opponents, Vikes and Lions, pick blue chip LT prospects from big time college programs. Time will tell but there is a mutiny already brewing in Chi-town. My money is on the LT's at this point in time.

    I wonder if a GM has ever been fired after his first season? If this team flops, Emery should go, not Lovie. This is Angelo part duex at this point in time.

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