Bears select Oregon State S Brandon Hardin

Bears select Oregon State S Brandon Hardin
Hardin (17)

It’s now been eight years since the Chicago Bears have refrained from taking a safety in the Draft.

Friday night, the team selected Oregon State safety Brandon Hardin in the third-round in the 2012 NFL Draft.

While Hardin played free safety and cornerback in college, he was ultimately projected at safety. GM Phil Emery said he will line up at strong safety, meaning he will compete with Major Wright for the starting role.

At just under 6’ 3”, 222 lbs. and having clocked a 4.44 40, he has a great combination of size and speed. He’s also a fantastic athlete. This is a Lovie Smith pick from the look.

He’s considered a heavy hitter with questionable tackling, at times, and plenty of football smarts.

He was projected by many as a fourth- or fifth-round pick, causing some to question why Emery reached to take him in the third. But as third- and fourth round picks go, there tends to be little disparity.

His biggest question marks have to do with experience. He only started one full season and missed his entire senior season with a broken shoulder, only appearing in the East-West Shrine Game.

Again, he’s a fantastic athlete and someone who I believe the Bears feel they can coach up and get some production out of at the next level.

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  • Alpha analysis (LOL):

    This guy looks like a co-star in 300 the sequel! I almost guarantee that Emery is "creating" a player to defend these ultra-dynamic TE's that seems to give teams fits nowadays!

    Great Pick...

    He'll be a defensive specialist, & one that I believe we all will love by year's end! In the meantime, how in the heck are teams going to manage to accumulate return yards against us??? I swear we may have the best special-teams in the entire history of the NFL this year!

    Keep'm comin' Em!!

  • In reply to Alpha79:

    Not a bad thought. Definitely helps with match-up issues.

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    watch this kid's Pro-Day video on Youtube!! AMAZING speciman & athlete!!

  • I'm not as high on the Hardin pick, especially if he is projected at Safety vice CB. WIth his injury history, seems like another pick that could have been around in the 4th maybe 5th round. Hard for me to believe Hardin was the best value at the 79th pick when the Bears had more pressing needs i.e. CB, OL, DT ... IMO.

  • We.Shall.See.


  • If I were GM Mouser, I would employ a statistician/linear programmer because sports, and especially football and baseball are really about tilting the odds in your favor and winning more than losing.

    So statistically, how does an athlete that only played about 15 games translate and find success in the NFL? Does a player with a college injury history tend to have a professional injury history? Does a player with a hisory of broken bones tend to continue to break bones? Does a GM that drafts ahead of where most others think he should tend to stay employed?

    I don't have an answer to most of those questions except the last one. Emery is either a visionary or he is arrogant. Statistically, I would say he will be judged as arrogent for his picks....this looks like a nut that has not fallen far from the Angelo tree of GM/Drafting tactics to me. I, like many here, have spent the last few weeks pouring over mock drafts, scouting reports, articles written by people who look at this information for a living... and there is only one pick, Ashlon Jeffery, that makes does Emery know something we don't or does he just think he is smarter than the rest of the world? Does he think he can score enough points with many of his weapons staying in to block because J'marcus Webb can not? Maybe this is why he spent so much money on back ups.

    I like Hardin's potential...but my first 4 picks need to be people I think can play in this league. Hardin should have been taken lower...again, another reach...another classic Jerry Angelo move.

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