Bears' 2012 preseason schedule announced

Bears' 2012 preseason schedule announced

The NFL announced the full 2012 preseason schedule (which can be viewed here) on Wednesday. For the Bears fans, most notable may be the fact that Chicago will host Jay Cutler’s former team in the Denver Broncos in Week-1, and they could catch a glimpse of Peyton Manning in a Broncos uniform for the first time.

Jay Cutler vs. Peyton Manning (yes, I know it's the first game of the preseason, and they'll probably make one good hand off . . . if that) sounds a lot better than Caleb Hanie vs. Tim Tebow, doesn't it? In addition, the Bears will get a look at RGIII in his first action with the Redskins, and former Chicago QBs Rex Grossman and Caleb Hanie (assuming the latter two are still with their current clubs).

Here’s a look at the preliminary schedule:

Week 1 | August 9-12: Denver at Chicago

Week 2 | August 16-19: Washington at Chicago

Week 3 | Friday, August 24 (CBS, 8:00 PM ET): Chicago at Giants

Week 4 | Thursday, August 30: Chicago at Cleveland

Except for those mentioned, specific dates and times will be forthcoming.

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  • So many words written in the past couple of days and so little news....

    Maybe we can start a discussion about the draft. In my recent memory, I don't remember so much difficulty and variation in projecting who the bears will is a really refreshing feeling for me!

    Truth be known, I believe the bears are truly in a position to take the best player available in a half dozen positions...this will be determined soley by the draft activity going on in front of them. Will Quenton Couples fall? Will there be a run on WR? Will a certain Tackle fall? Heck, I read a great article showing how an outside LB from Alabama might go to the bears #1 and if that guy could rush situationally on 3rd down, I'd buy that! I could even see a TE falling to the Bears and that could represent the missing passing link.

    Really exciting draft to look forward to.

  • In reply to Mouser:

    Hey?! We've had plenty of Draft stuff up. I hear you, tho. [Column Preview: Is there any question about what America's true past time is when a simple uniform launch creates a stir that can make MLB disappear off the map?] But I digress . . . I won't get into the reality of what no-news news can mean for the traffic on a blog such as this (just imagine 10x usual figures). I think, if anything, the Bears approach to free agency should suggest that defense, which they haven't touched, and which is aging excessively, will be a priority in the early rounds of the draft. Emery, clearly, has used FA correctly to help correct issues Angelo ignored. Time to build for the future!

  • In reply to Mouser:

    If Coples was to fall beyond the Dallas Cowboys at #14, the Bears should sacrifice their 3rd Rd pick to move up to get him! May can get a 5th Rdr in return as well.

    You're right though, Adam...the NFL has proven time & time again that they can dominate headlines with non-playing activity. Just look at the attention the draft gets -- it's become a major American event!

  • I guess I missed on the radio that it was the first game of "preseason."

    So, maybe they will see Manning for the first two series. Who's Manning's backup? Who cares?

  • In reply to jack:

    Ummm . . . only Caleb Hanie!

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