A look at all 32 Nike NFL uniforms

NEW YORK, NY – Nike, in its partnership with the National Football League, unveiled the new uniforms for all 32 NFL teams at an event at Steiner Studios in New York today.

Previously, Reebok held the uniform contract with the League.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was on hand and praised the way Nike held to NFL tradition, while continuing its own tradition of innovation.

For the most part, the uniform changes are subtle, save for the Seattle Seahawks, who went with an all-new design. The Seahawks uniforms incorporate the 12th man with a No. 12 on the back neck of each jersey.

We will have more information up shortly, but, in the meantime, here’s a quick look at all 32 NFL team jerseys . . .

Disclosure: Nike secured and covered costs for my airfare and hotel accommodations to attend this event.


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  • Hmmm?? So big, bad Nike Inc. couldn't afford white manicans??

    LOL ...Just sayin.

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