Phil Emery is DAAA man!

Phil Emery is DAAA man!
Marshall, Campbell, Weems, Bush? I'll take it!

Phil "DA GM" Emery is quickly earning his way into the roll of Chicago's favorite general manager. After years of lack luster moves in free agency by Jerry Angelo, the Bears bring in big names and continue to add smart, key players.

His very first move, being the Brandon Marshall trade, raised everyone's eyebrows. Then, he bolstered the special teams unit with Weems and Costanzo. Now, he signs Michael Bush to be Forte's back up.

Seriously—and realistically—could it get any better? If the Bears had Michael Bush, or someone like him last year, it’s safe to say they still make the playoffs after Forte gets injured. Not to mention bringing in Jason Campbell, who is a more-than-capable backup quarterback.

Signing Michael Bush makes the Bears a two-headed monster at running back again. Remember the last time the Bears had a dominant two-back-attack? Yeah, it was 2006, and they went to the Super Bowl. Only this offense is far superior that its ’06 counterpart.

Phil is seemingly going for it all this year, and it's the right thing to do. With an aging defense, this is likely the last year to really make a strong run. The Bears are geared up and prepared to try and win it all.

Emery has only been the GM for a few months, and I already feel like he is a smarter general manager than Angelo ever was.

But now for the real test—the draft. Let’s hope he doesn't follow the Angelo formula of taking bad rookie quarterbacks, who get cut in training camp, or reaching for tiny running backs like Garrett Wolfe, and picking injured tackles in the first-round. That pretty much sums up Angelo correctly, right?

I would expect Emery and company to go almost strictly defense in the draft, maybe grabbing one left tackle and/or a wide receiver. The Bears now lack another defensive end, a play-making corner, and the eventual Urlacher replacement (who is needed ever so badly).

The check list is starting to get to the end, and Emery gets an A+++ from me so far.

Keep it coming, Phil.


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  • I like the enthusiasm but I am always in wait & see...years of following the bears and football, in general, has taught me those lessons (the hard way).

    I am ecstatic about WR...awesome as long as we dont cut Brandon for domestic violence charges...see C. Benson, Tank Johnson. Two special teams pick ups are good but don't get my blood stirring. Bush will no doubt help but this is really a negotiation ploy with Forte and an insurance plan if Forte turns out to be the self-centered prima dona he is beginning to sound like.

    We still need help, or should I say "impact" at DE and we need a LT that can keep Cutler's jersey clean...could you imagine how potent the offense could be like with a Jimbo Covert type LT? WOW now that gets my blood pumping.

    I don't mean to sound negative because I am already in his corner...I had enough of Angelo probably 5 years you know how many d-linemen he drafted? I think it is 17. 11 years later we have one starting and 3 on the roster! He did draft Tommy Harris who was a stud before he was injured...but hey, give me 17 picks, and I guarentee I will pick a probowl lineman too and I don't charge as much for my services!

    Go Emery....I am just not going to anoint him just yet...Get me a LT and draft a stud DE and dig up a nugget WR in the 3rd round and then I will roll out the red carpet...don't forget the chicago linebacker legacy...soon Phil will have to live up to that!

  • In reply to Mouser:

    MOUSER FOR GM! I'm having t-shirts made.

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    Now that is what I'm talking about! I love football and always have an the internet gives me a place to share it!

    My pick of the centry...remember the year when the Bears selected David Terrell and Anthony Thomas 1& wife had to scrape me off the ceiling after that fiasco of a selection would have Duce Mcallister and trade up to grab Drew would things have looked in Chicago with those picks! Of course I am a Purdue Alum so I was biased but still! BTW I gave up on Cade McNown after his first year...too many screen passes bounced to his target...keep drafting QB until you get it right and if you wind up with too many good em.

    Yes...GM Mouser has a ring to it!

  • Quick Thought: Maybe Forte should hire Frank Omiyale's agent.

  • In reply to Alpha79:

    LOL, yes!

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