Getting the band back together! Bears trade for Brandon Marshall

Getting the band back together! Bears trade for Brandon Marshall
Darren happy.

I have been formulating multiple ideas which would make a trade for Brandon Marshall sound reasonable since I started writing on this site.

Anything from trading second-round picks, to working Lance Briggs into some kind of package deal. FINALLY, someone listened.

Okay, so Phil Emery probably didn't come here, read my posts and say, “Hey, great idea, Darren!” But, I have been pounding on this door for two years now, and quite frankly, my mind is spinning at the moment.

The Bears now have the best wide receiver they have EVER had, along with the greatest QB in Chicago Bears’ history. And those two guys just so happened to have their best seasons together.

And the Bears got a steal in my opinion. Two third-round picks over the next two years is much less than I thought he would demand.

With Jay and Marshall tweeting back and forth about "getting the band back together,” maybe it’s not such a surprise, but I am sure Cutler's reaction was close to the same one Bears’ fans had, jumping, yelling, couch-slapping . . . or maybe it was just usual jerk-face . . . hmm . . .

Immediately, I see people on Twitter posting how Marshall’s a “knucklehead.” Well, that is very true. But if there is any coach in the league that could keep Marshall in check, it’s Lovie Smith.

Besides, Vincent Jackson is a knucklehead, too.

Well done, Phil Emery, you're Chicago's favorite GM.

2007 Marshall Stats:

  • 102 receptions
  • 1235 yards
  • 7 touchdowns

2008 Marshall Stats:

  • 104 receptions
  • 1265 yards
  • 6 touchdowns

2007 Cutler Stats:

  • 3497 yards
  • 20 touchdowns
  • 14 interceptions
  • 88.1passer rating

2008 Cutler Stats:

  • 4526 yards
  • 25 touchdowns
  • 18 interceptions
  • 86 passer rating

P.S. ~ If they are really “getting the band back together,” go out and get Eddie Royal and let them get to work!

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  • Darren as soon as I saw that they got Marshall, Signing Royal was the first thing that came to mind. Get Gaither and then most of your draft picks could be to add depth to the defense.

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