Can the Bears control Brandon Marshall?

Can the Bears control Brandon Marshall?
I figured it would at least be a month or so before I had to write that headline ...

Well . . . it was a great nine hours or so, wasn't it? I swear, the Bears just aren't allowed to have anything nice. News broke late Tuesday night about an incident involving the team’s new Pro Bowl wide receiver, Brandon Marshall, in which he reportedly "slugged" a woman in the face early Sunday morning.

Marshall was the keynote speaker at a charitable event Monday night in New York and afterward attended a function at a local club with his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, and close friends. At some point, a fight broke out and Marshall’s wife was ultimately taken to the hospital.

Marshall’s attorney, of course, refutes any allegations that Brandon had any part in scuffle and released this statement:

"While at the function a fight broke out NOT involving Mr. Marshall or his friends. While attempting to leave to avoid the melee, Mrs. Marshall was struck in the face by a thrown bottle. She suffered serious injury."

Personally, something sounds fishy to me.

What, did this woman forget she got punched in the face for two days? This was not No. 1 on her priority list? I call B.S. on that. Who really knows . . . maybe it's the Halas Hall Kool-Aid seeping through my veins. Yeah, I took a few gulps from the Marshall punch bowl.

But more importantly, can the Bears really control this guy? With a borderline personality disorder and an extremely checkered past (just read this list the Tribune posted—if you have an hour or so, that is) he probably needs professional help.

Anyone who’s supposedly in the wrong place at the wrong time THAT many times is bound to find trouble again. But, if there’s any coach in the NFL who can help keep Marshall’s head on straight, it has to be Lovie Smith.

GM Phil Emery claims the Bears knew about the incident before trading for Marshall and released this statement on Wednesday:

“Both the Bears and Dolphins were aware of what occurred over the weekend.  We decided to move forward with the trade.  We have high expectations for Brandon as a Bear.”

I don’t think the Bears wouldn't have made this trade if they thought they couldn't control him. If there’s one thing the Bears don't do, it’s drama. They cut Tank Johnson after his incidents, as well as Cedric Benson. And Sam Hurd . . . well . . . (they did cut him, too.)

And I’m sure the Dolphins thought the same thing when they paid through the teeth to get Marshall two years ago. Maybe it can be the Bears who will finally help straighten this guy out, who knows? I guess we can only hope . . .

Lovie-Smith-Kenobi, you're our only hope!

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  • I thought that the bar one might have been overblown, but then Mully and Hanley were all "Marshall stabbed his wife" this morning, although I might have misheard it, in that Google indicates that his wife stabbed him, although supposedly in self defense.

    Anyone who’s supposedly in the wrong place at the wrong time THAT many times is bound to find trouble again. But, if there’s any coach in the NFL who can help keep Marshall’s head on straight, it has to be Lovie Smith. IIRC, they said the same about Tank, who had several incidents where he was "in the wrong place at the wrong time" until his bodyguard just happened to turn up dead in a nightclub, and not from the dreaded natural causes.

    Also the list to which you referred is apparently here. Most of the incidents involve his former girlfriend, Watley. And, apparently, borderline personality disorder affects football players differently than it did Princess Di.

    Anyway, I guess sports radio needs something to talk about other than John Lucas III.

  • well personally, id RATHER talk about John Lucas over this bad stuff lol. But the bottom line to me is, granted he gets out of this stuff suspension./jail time free, I think the Bears can help Marshall keep himself in good situations. Comfortable environment with his good friend Jay, and a coach like Lovie. I think this is different than the Tank stuff. Tank was stupid, Marshall has a legit issue with BPD. It all comes down to putting himself in better situations.

  • I really don't believe a person can "control" another is a wet bar of soap...the harder you squeeze, the more is slips from your grasp. I think Lovie might be able to connect and influence him in a more positive way, but I think his baggage will follow him so get used to it. I stll like the deal but I'm afraid in this media heavy town, he won't be here long if he can abstain from hanging around night clubs...that is the first problem. If you go to drinking establishments, you will fraternize with people who are drunk and if you are bi-polar, the alchohol is a bad mix and WILL lead to trouble. If he grows up and starts spending evenings at home, maybe the incidents will decline but a person typically doesn't change without a life-altering event...and obviously the police contacts don't change Marshall's views.

  • Marshall comes with a lot of baggage. But, IMO it was worth the risk of two 3rd round draft choices. Hopefully, he will screw his head on straight and realize what a great opportunity he has with the Bears. If he comes close to duplicating his past success, he can write his own ticket in Chicago.

  • I'll say this: I don't really care. I mean, I do, but they guy's production speaks for itself. Of a possible 96 games through his 6-year career, he's played 91 of them and at a very high level. Those very few games missed have been some injury, some suspension. But the Bears aren't asking this guy to be the face of the franchise (see Urlacher, Briggs, Pep, Jay), they just need him to make plays, something he's always done.

  • Agreed...I knew he was a head case and had baggage...just not this much!

    The honeymoon is is the day after and the bears solidified back up qb, TE and signed a bi-polar star reciever...I'm just not feeling the same joy unfortunately.

    There were 4 targets for FA IMO and some home grown targets...WR (got our man...luggage and all), DE (Mario and poor man's Mario off the board), LT ( I was hoping for a solid vetern to cover Chris Williams if he flops)....strike two. CB ( no joy there aside from Tim Jennings, who is good enough but not good enough to keep Emery from drafting another CB)...strike 3. I have never seen a GM successful at pluggin multiple holes through the draft...just too much unknowns and risk.
    Where is Steltz, Graham and Okoye? I didn't think bears had a shot at Graham, though I think he is the best secondary tackler on the team. I saw Steltz and Okoye as almost "must sign"....they are not stars in this league but do you have a better than 50% chance of landing someone better in the draft? My answer is no and that means you darn well better sign them...I believe that is the litmus question to ask every time you look at parting ways with a vetern.

  • Can the Bears "control" Brandon Marshall?

    Well let's think it through:
    - the donkees couldn't. He actually even managed to help get one of his teammates shot & killed by indiscriminately spraying champagne all over some CRIPS in a club New Year's eve, then fighting with them later outside.
    They gangbangers came back and shot up the limo (thinking Marshall was in it) and instead killed Darren Williams. Look it up.

    Then after many suspensions and benchings, Denver gives up and Miami takes a shot. After lots of locker room cancer, pouting, more arrests (including his wife STABS him) - for some weird reason, despite his superior talent, Miami is happy to dump him for two 3rd-rounders.

    But like all the other Bears' "glass is always half-full" doe-eyed sycophant posters here at the trib,
    I'm sure everything here in Chicago will magically be the exact opposite and work out just fine. Brandon will be a showcase roll model.

    .... oh ...wait ... whats that? his wife ... again??!?

    Lemme get back to ya on that "control" thing ...

  • In reply to Bearfan4decades:

    As for the syncopant...

    I only heard excepts of the teleconference, but it sounds like the Bears are in their traditional corporate speak mode, added to Emery having to osculate Lovie's gluteal area, which was a condition of his hiring. If this blows up in their faces, don't say we weren't warned.

    Also, some calllers indicate that it wasn't so lovey between Jay and Brandon in Denver; anyone have anything else on that?

  • In reply to jack:

    "excerpts." I am becoming more incoherent. :-)

  • In reply to Bearfan4decades:

    Geez, thanks. Now I feel better.

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