At least five teams interested in free agent Corey Graham

At least five teams interested in free agent Corey Graham
Corey Graham (21) reacts to Brandon Marshall (19) catching a loose ball in the endzone during the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl.

Bears’ free agent CB Corey Graham led the NFL in special teams tackles in 2010 (25). He made it to a Pro Bowl in 2011, also as a special teams player. Now he wants a full-time shot on defense.

Graham played 89 defensive snaps for the Bears in 2011 and recorded three picks off only 11 targets.

And Defensive backs coach Jon Hoke was impressed with Graham’s contributions on defense. “He went in there and worked his butt off,” Hoke said. “He’s done a lot of good things for this team.”

But despite the praise, the Bears have been hesitant to give Graham the opportunity to start and have only elevated him to defense when injury dictated they do so.

Graham was a free agent prior to the 2011 season and wanted to test the defensive waters then, but, given the lockout shortened off season, Graham and he ultimately re-signed with the Bears for one more year.

This off season, however, he will take his time.

According to NFL reporter Jason La Canfora, Graham will visit with the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday with more teams scheduled throughout the week.

Perhaps more importantly: Canfora says Graham is being looked at, not only as a special teams addition, but as a cornerback and a safety.

"Of course, I want to be outside,'' Graham told the Tribune about playing defense. "I can play any of those positions. I can play nickel. I can play corner. I can play safety . . .''

Graham does provide the Bears’ roster with defensive depth, being able to look to him as needed, but given the premium the Bears place on special teams, he’s likely to retain his role if he stays in Chicago.

The Bears re-signed backup safety and special teams ace Craig Steltz this off season and also brought in Pro Bowl special teamer Eric Weems via free agency.

But, should one of the teams Graham is expected to meet with give him the opportunity to compete for a defensive position, the Bears will likely be saying goodbye.

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  • Corey has been a team favorite of mine since he was drafted. I wish him the absolute best but I do not see him returning to Chicago.

  • In reply to Alpha79:

    I agree...unfortunately, I think the Bears are making a mistake here. I think Graham, if resigned and allowed to compete for a CB or even a safety position is at least as good as Jennings and Major Wright and probably better. I think we will see Graham with another team and have a successful, productive career. As I have written before, I believe he is the best tackler in the secondary...I would love to see him at Safety!

  • Mouser couldn't agree with you more, they should have moved him to safety years ago. If they would have done that I don't think they would be looking for a safety now.

  • The silence is deafening! Being an nfl junkie...I hate these periods of waiting and watching. I am really interested in what happens with Graham and Okoye...any word, hints, clues?

    Back to Marshall...I was sooo excited when he was signed...then bummed when his rap sheet came out and now I've watched interviews with him and Cutler and am getting pumped again! He is a monster on the field and I hope that is where he keeps it. I knew he was good, but I didn't realize just how dominant he has been (now that I've looked at stat comparisons) and he has played with much less talented qb play at Miami and post Cutler in Denver. With Tice and the addition of a couple of pieces, this is shaping up to be an exciting offseason that should translate to an exciting 2012 regular season...maybe one that will keep Lovie employed with the Bears. I do like Lovie for the most part and viewed Angelo as the primary problem with that has been changed...GO BEARS!

  • BEARS. That is all.

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