Special Comment: J'Marcus Webb

Special Comment: J'Marcus Webb
J'Marcus Webb (#73) has the potential, but Bears fans don't have the patience for "potential."

Offensive tackle continues to be a weakness for the Chicago Bears—specifically at Left Tackle. Ever since the retirement of John Tait, the team has struggled mightily to replace him.

In 2008, the Bears drafted Chris Williams to be the heir-apparent at the position, but he bombed at tackle and is currently trying to solidify a spot at Left Guard.

The Bears signed future Hall-of-Famer Orlando Pace in 2009, and not only did he failed at mentoring Chris Williams, he was finished at the position and couldn’t even be a respectable stop-gap.

Frank Omiyale eventually took over for the injury-prone Williams and only continued to prove to be one of the worst offensive linemen in professional football.

Webb . . .

Then there’s the 6’-7”, 333 pound J’Marcus Webb, who is a lightning rod for criticism amongst Bears fans—outside of his “JWebb Nation” of course. If you were new to football, you might think that he’s one of the premier LTs in the league.

Webb has a strong fan base on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, has a lot of confidence in himself—for a guy who’s accomplish very little in the league—and has a delusional camera girl filming, almost, his every move.

The non-casual fan, who has watched the Bears every Sunday for the past two years, can understand why he gave up 24.5 sacks and 19 penalties during that time span.

The thing with Webb is that the attributes and measurables are there for him to develop. And he could develop into that elite-level LT. But does he have that extra drive to get to that level? He certainly has the extra drive to push his JWebb movement, but for right now, I know Webb for what he is and that’s the worst LT in 2011 according to Pro Football Focus.

I know Webb as an inconsistent player, who needs to spend less time on his social network movement and more time mastering his craft.

The more J’Marcus Webb listens to OC Mike Tice as opposed his camera girl and his “Webbie’s,” the better off he will be on the football field. Moving his feet and getting out of his stance after the snap would be an initial step in the right direction . . .

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  • He needs to actually get in tight and hit his man rather than just trying to push them a little bit one way or the other. He has his hands way out in front which makes it easy for opponents to swim or undercut him, especially the shorter guys like Dumervile (sp?) If he would just hit someone, get a piece of the jersey inside and hang on, hey would be much more successful. There is holding on every play ( just watch the Patriots OL this Sunday) and you can't do it with your 40" arms extended so far.

    Bottom line comes down to technique and like you said, desire.

  • J'a Webb would be be better off finding something other than football he is not a left tackle he is not a swing tackle either well there is one thing I believe he would do well at is "flipping burgers" dump this bum and find a real Left Tackle

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