Lovie Smith addresses the media from the NFL Combine

Lovie Smith addresses the media from the NFL Combine
Lovie Smith meets the media at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine.

Chicago Bears’ head coach Lovie Smith took to the podium today and addressed the media from the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine. While most of it was much of the same, I thought I’d transcribe a few of the more interesting points here . . .

On the Bears’ 2012 offseason program (voluntary work outs, mini-camps, etc.): “Our offseason program begins April 16th.”

On Matt Forte’s current contract situation: He is going to play his football for the Chicago Bears, you can start with that. The team hasn’t changed its approach to Matt Forte. I think we’re on record to how important Matt is to our organization.”

On Jay Cutler’s thumb injury: “Jay Cutler’s thumb is fine.”

On Jay’s feelings with regard to the offensive changes: “He’s pretty pumped to say the least.”

On new general manager Phil Emery: “The transition has gone smoothly. I can see why he ended up being our guy.”

On the offensive philosophy with the departure of Martz and promoting of Tice: “We’ll keep some things—the protections, how we call some things, they’ll stay the same. With each new year, there will be something new but it should be a smooth transition.”

On why the Bears decided against hiring a “passing game coordinator”: “In the end, we just didn’t need one. I just didn’t feel like we needed any more titles.”

On WR Johnny Knox’s availability in 2012: “There’s a long road to recovery [for Knox].”

On why the Bears denied Jon Hoke the opportunity to interview for the Viking’s defensive coordinator position: “We’re not trying to help any of our division opponents. We didn’t feel it was the appropriate thing to do for our team.” 

On upgrading the wide receiver position: “We look to improve every position—wide receiver is a part of that.”

On upgrading the cornerback position: “If you’re going up against 6’5” receivers, you can’t just make a living of putting 5’9” corners on them.” I wrote about this comment and its possible implications for Bears’ CB Tim Jennings here. 

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  • The version in the Tribune seems far less edited, and also that Lovie hasn't given up corporate speak.

  • In reply to jack:

    I'm sure. I'm not at the combine, so pulled from as many sources as possible. Would be great if Bears released presser transcripts like most teams do. And also, you're right, it was so typically boring Lovie that I just wanted the key points—the rest is filler. (At least that's my excuse!)

  • Thought I'd give your post a read Adam, read 'em pretty often, good stuff, just havent commented much. Anyhow, thought maybe I may have missed something in the other sources, actually hoping so, so as to get a feeling of "the coach" is excited with the changes and upcoming draft/FA stuff...I know, I know, I'm talking about ol' Smitty, but still there seems to be reason for some enthusiasm here isnt there!? We all know the guy is like watching paint dry, borders on arrogance even IMO, maybe we get lucky and this really dosent work out for him and he heads down the road after years end. They seem to have some things going in their direction and thats good, if Emery comes through in the F/A-draft part of it and smith bungles it, what a drag that would be for us....hopefully a bigger drag for smith...

  • In reply to daddyo:

    I do think—and have been saying—that there's definite reason for enthusiasm with this team. You don't get to an NFC title game and start 7-3 the next season if you're not a good football team, luck be dammed. Don't take my brushing off of the Smith presser as pessimism. It's just the same old stuff is all (like you said). I hope very much that everything works out for Lovie this season, because that means it also works out for my Bears. I think they have a real shot at adding some impact players this offseason, and if they can stay relatively healthy during the season, there's no reason to think they can't compete for a Super Bowl. No doubt about that. Thanks for reading but comment more often, would ya?! :)

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    Your exactly right, I sooo want it all to work out this season Adam, I 'spose I get abit tough on Smith and not because I dislike him as a person by any means....I'm sure he's a really good man down to the bone. Surely for me it's some frustration, wanting and thinking we(our Bears) should be consistently at or near the top of the heap...I should probably not put it all on him, he did have a GM. A real promising start last year as you said, Cutler being competitive as he is trying to make a tackle, lack of the backup backing up sealed the deal...for some reason I still can't imagine Haney not at the minimum at least getting to the playoffs, just thought he had more than that...again, no doubt so much I'm not privy to with his situation. Oh well, like I said earlier, I'm ready to roll man, miss me Bears already!! Keep up the good work .

  • In reply to daddyo:

    You keep reading, I'll keep writing. Thanks, Buddy. Beardown!

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