Phil Emery? Well, at least it wasn't Tim Ruskell

Phil Emery? Well, at least it wasn't Tim Ruskell

After drawing straws, throwing darts at pictures on the wall, and playing rock-paper-scissors, all in a concerted effort to secure a new general manager, Ted Philips and the Chicago Bears finally got their guy. Ladies and meatballs, that new guy is Phil Emery.

Emery immediately won over Bears-Nation when he told essentially told former director of player personnel, and fellow GM candidate, Tim Ruskell to "Whistle Dixie" right off the bat. Now that’s what I'm talking about—Emery hits a home run in his first Major League at bat.

In his second at bat . . . eh, not so much. It was more like a pop fly to the catcher, caught for an out. The press conference was pretty boring. The entire thing was very typically Bears-like. The only significant thing I took out of the press conference was that Emery is going to focus on drafting well in order to get this team on the same level as the Lions and Packers. Duh . . .

But really, I'm just nit-picking here. Who really cares how he talks or what he says? Draft well and no one will have a problem with weird, sucky press conferences that give us nothing to hold onto. Just like in New England.

But nothing will ever top Jerry's “I'm not going to give a bunch of cliché’s” conference, where for the next 20 minutes he gave just about every cliché in the book. Or his classic “and I’ll put up with the crap” press conference and of course the ultra-classic “Mark . . . whistle Dixie.” Oh Jerry, we won’t miss you, but we will miss the sound clips.

For those of you who have no idea who Phil Emery is, he was a regional scout for the Bears from 1998-2004, which was during a time when the Bears found their core on defense. How much direct impact he had on getting those players . . . we don’t know.

He was a part of Falcons’ and Chiefs’ organizations that drafted some solid talent during his tenure also. He made a big push for the Falcons to get Roddy White and it’s worked out great. Maybe it means the Bears will finally get a real wide receiver for the first time in decades.

His draft scouting history can be found here courtesy of 670 The Score blogger Dan Durkin.

Was this a good hire? I don't know, but his track record is good. It's an unknown if he will be a big-time GM or not, but we will see—in about three years—if this team is headed in the right direction.

Oh, and Phil, thanks for not trying to appeal to meatball nation. Not one comment on "beating the Packers" was made at all. Major props . . .

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