Da Chicago Bears are sitting on their claws

Da Chicago Bears are sitting on their claws

If you were in a coma the last three weeks and you awoke startled and wondering who is the newest Bears general manager since Jerry Angelo was fired just before you went under, you didn't miss a thing.

Okay, maybe you missed part of the interview process. It took Ted Phillips and the rest of the front office clowns a week to decide who to interview for the vacancy. It took them another five days to interview five candidates. It took a few more days to decide which two of the five they would like to bring back and it's taking them two more days to conclude the process.

Really, Ted? You didn't have a short list ready when you went to Georgie-boy to tell him the GM you hired because a search firm told you to wasn't working out?

THEN it took you five days to interview five candidates, some of which have never even been the draft room on DRAFT day. I know they're not your typical job interviews and I appreciate you trying to put on your big-boy pants and actually using resources within the organization you're running to ask candidates about their vision, but does it really take a month to hire the second most important position in the front office?

Phil Emery and Jason Licht are the final two candidates. One has been in da Bears' organization before. That man, is Phil Emery. He's the perfect candidate because he's the perfect "Yes" man for the job. Yes, Lovie, I will draft that safety with a bad scouting report because he fits your defensive scheme. So, to me, he's the front-runner for the job.

So the interviews will wrap up Friday, but a candidate most likely won't be announced then. No organization wants to hide the hiring of a GM on a Friday afternoon. So Emery or Licht will be named the newest GM of da Chicago Bears next week, hopefully.

At least it won't be Tim Ruskell.

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