BREAKING: Bears fire Jerry Angelo

BREAKING: Bears fire Jerry Angelo

The Chicago Bears confirmed Tuesday morning what the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times and ESPN all reported, that general manager Jerry Angelo would not be retained for the 2012 season.

A press conference is scheduled for today at 4:00 PM.

Angelo was hired in 2001 and led the Bears to four division titles, two NFC Championship Game appearances and a Super Bowl appearance in his 11-year tenure as GM.

He was, however, widely criticized for his frequent misses in the early rounds of the draft.

Of course, the first question on the minds of Bears’ fans is who will replace the long-time leader in Chicago, which also had begged the question whether or not head coach Lovie Smith would be retained.

However, according to team contacts, Lovie is safe.

The biggest question now is just how drastic this change will be. Does new chairman George McCaskey promote Tim Ruskell, current director of player personnel and former Seattle Seahawks GM, or does he go find the football version of a Theo Epstein?

The obvious “Big Fish” on the market right now would be former Colts general manager Bill Polian, who led Indianapolis to nine playoff appearances in 10 seasons and has been awarded NFL executive of the year six times.

Personally, I like door number two.

One guy—who I’ve been suggesting for months now—might be Green Bay Packers' director of college scouting John Dorsey. While GM Ted Thompson gets a lot of credit for what it is they’ve built up in GB—deservedly so—Dorsey is at the heart the team’s successful drafts.

Dorsey, however, has turned down interview offers for similar positions in the past. But that was before he won a Super Bowl.

If McCaskey wants to prove he means business and is brining real change to the Bears’ organization, Ruskell—who failed miserably in Seattle as a GM and is an Angelo hire—will not get a sniff at the current vacancy.


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  • I don't know who, but I would tend to go in the direction you are going.* I don't see Polian.

    The other question is how "safe" Lovie and the staff are in that it is unlikely that the Bears can find a good g.m. who wouldn't want to bring in his own people. The Bears announcement may only be to the extent that Lovie isn't being fired now, but I can't conceive of him being given the authority, in the absence of a g.m., to sign guys like Martz. The post on the website probably is equivalent to Quade not being released until Epstein evaluated him and told him he was.

    Martz probably figures that with the support system gone, he may as well find another job, anyway, in that leaking that he was going surely no longer has any bargaining leverage.

    BTW, while the Bears are portraying this as Phillips having done it, I'm sure that he was forced into it.The question now is, after all these years, whether Virginia's family will finally assert itself.

    *In fact, I unknowingly suggested as much in the 4th Phase blog a day or two ago.

  • In reply to jack:

    The move was not made by Ted Phillips. Reports suggest otherwise, and at the very least, he would have needed George's blessing. No, I think you're right in that this move was made by McCaskey.

    Personally, I think Polian is a very real option, but I don't think it's unusual to believe the Bears retain Lovie for a season—as they suggested they would—just because they're bringing in a new GM. Lovie will be heading into a 'lame duck' season in 2013 (as teams often do not let head coaches go into the final year of their deal without new paper). Next year, the new boss would be free to make a decision on the head coach.

    To your other point, Lovie IS Martz's support system, so while I think you're right in that a deal w/ Martz won't get done until a new GM is in place, I think Lovie will still be allowed to make that decision. The question is whether or not Martz will agree to what the new boss and the McCaskey’s are willing to pay.

    Lots of questions to be answered…

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    ESPN radio reported at 1:00 pm. that Martz says he is not coming back, so apparently he came to the conclusion I said he would--better start looking elsewhere.

  • And you were absolutely right in that Martz has now resigned. But don't think that Angelo supported Martz; he didn't. Impression is that Martz was not going to be retained, but that the decision came from the top, not Lovie Smith.

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