Bears' general manager pool slowly leaking

Bears' general manager pool slowly leaking
Falcons director of player personnel Les Snead (left ... and wearing the goofy hat)

Two of the biggest fish reported to be on the Bears’ list of general manager candidates—potentially, the top two—will not become the new head of football operations in Chicago.

Green Bay Packers’ director of football operations—and Lovie Smith colleague—Reggie McKenzie will be headed to Oakland to head up their football program, and Ravens director of player personnel Eric DeCosta—who some believed to be the most qualified candidate on the market—is apparently NOT on the market, as the Ravens announced today that he will remain in Baltimore and will not interview for any open position at this time.

It’s not been a very good start.

However, all is not lost yet. Eagles’ director of player personnel Ryan Grigson will interview with the Bears in the near future according to an ESPN report. The team will also interview Colts’ director of player personnel Tom Telesco for the vacancy.

Other candidates reported to be on the Bears’ current list include Falcons’ Les Snead, Titans’ Lake Dawson and Chiefs’ Ray Farmer. Many believe Snead to be a likely option.

Without the team’s full list, it’s impossible to know who else may remain on the Bears’ radar, but I have to believe, given the success of the organization and opinions around the league, another Packers’ candidate could still emerge in John Dorsey; although there’s no word if he’s interested in making that transition—which may be why his name has not surfaced. The Packers would not be able to deny him the opportunity to interview seeing as they permitted McKenzie to do so, per league rule.

Gut feeling tells me the hire happens soon; before February.

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  • I went looking for the General Manager vineyard, I cant find it.

  • In reply to Darren Doxey:

    Don't pee in the pool, Darren. We'll all know it was you!

  • The two real questions, often voiced on radio, are:
    1) What good candidate would take the position under the conditions stated, that he would have little or no control over the coaching side of the operation, since he has to keep the current coach, and would essentially be Lovie's scout?
    2) Are there people with whom the Bears are precluded from talking until their playoff runs are over, which may delay it into Feb?

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, I hate to say, but in my opinion, your first question—as worded—is media/fan manifested and is not football reality. I can tell you from folks I have spoken to around the organization, the plan has a short term approach with long-term implications based on what happens in 2012. The goal is to make a run at a title in 2012, simple as that. The current front office believed the best way to do that was maximize what they could get in the 2012 draft and free agency—i.e. they fired Jerry Angelo—and retain the current player/coaching core to minimize re-building THIS season. Candidates ARE interested and the job IS an attractive one. No one said the new GM would have little or no control over the coaching operation, only that Smith would be retained THIS season. And the GM will be empowered to make wholesale changes in 2012.

    The team is not precluded from talking to anyone simply because that individual is on a Playoff team; however, the organization has to give the Bears permission to interview their guy. They do not have to wait until the playoffs are over to do that. They DO have to wait until a team is out of Playoff contention to sign a deal, in most cases. So it depends.

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    Re your first paragraph:

    This premise (which Da Bears Blog has also said) that it is about winning in 2012 only holds water if the unknown new G.M. can draft or get enough free agents to fill all the holes, considering that not only are there deficiencies in the O Line, Safety and Receivers, most of the ineffective players* probably won't and shouldn't be brought back. This has to be enough to overcome Green Bay. Unless you take the view that the only thing that caused the Bears 8-8 season was Cutler being injured (as the 4th Phase maintained), that's not going to happen.

    I expect that unless even more Packers go on the IR than in 2010, this will work as well as the Sox going "all in" in 2011.

    Also, if someone is willing to have the Bears cut his nuts in 2012, I don't expect to have them grow back by 2013.

    *I had said on one-year contracts signed after the lockout, but forgot that football players can be cut.

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