Bears fans demand a champion, not Tim Ruskell

Bears fans demand a champion, not Tim Ruskell

After the firing of now-former general manager Jerry Angelo, Chicago Bears Nation was seemingly optimistic for the future. Finally, a change had been made. It appeared as if new chairman of the board George McCaskey did not follow the perceived McCaskey tradition of front office loyalty over on the field production. Come to find out, George is letting Ted Phillips run the show.

Reports have surfaced that the Bears are considering current director of player personnel Tim Ruskell to be the new GM in town. Angelo hired Ruskell in 2010, and he is also one of Jerry's best friends.

Ladies and gentlemen, if this happens, it will be the same old McCaskeys. If there is anyone worse than Jerry Angelo out there to lead this team it’s Tim Ruskell.

I'll save the horror you of listing Ruskell's entire draft history ... until he gets hired, that is. There have been decent picks, sure. Lofa Tatupu is easily his best draft choice, and Chris Spencer was a solid starter in Seattle along the offensive line for some time.

But, out of the 37 players he’s drafted, just nine currently remain on the Seahawks’ roster, and none of them are impact players. Who, among his first-round choices, remains? The answer is really quite stunning: Exactly ZERO of them are still on the roster.

Many of Ruskell’s early round draft picks still do play in the NFL today, but far too many are backups for other squads. Ted Phillips cannot hire Tim Ruskell and try to tell Bears fans that Tim is guy he talked about just one week ago, who was going to improve this team’s talent evaluation and drafting.

WHY would you hire Ruskell if you are actually trying to win a championship? For those who say, “the McCaskeys aren't cheap.” If they hire Tim, it’s obvious that they are, and it would be a simple solution to save the money you would have to pay one of the coveted up-and-comers, while you are still paying Jerry Angelo. But if that’s the case, why wouldn’t you just have kept Jerry? I would rather have Jerry Angelo 10 times out of 10.

Jim McMahon once said that the Bears won’t win anything until they get new owners, and he's exactly right.

Now this is premature, I know that. They haven’t so much as interviewed anyone yet. But I can't sit here and say that the Bears are smart enough to NOT hire Ruskell. That’s why this is being written. Bears fans know the track record of disappointment. Hiring Ruskell would mean another three or four years of mediocrity and bad football.

And that would take the Bears through Jay Cutler’s contract, who will be guaranteed to leave after the 2013 season if the team doesn’t surround him with real players.

I can't stomach this anymore. It’s too difficult to even think about.

If history is any indication, what the Bears will do is wait for all the good GM candidates to be scooped up, then tell you Ruskell is the best possible replacement. And Halas Hall will continue to look like the clowns of the league in a city that should demand a champion.

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  • Well, you have been spammed, and besides that, it seems like the Tribune article suggesting that they were considering Ruskell has seemed to set off all the bloggers, usually meaning that Ruskell will be the one. However, Tom Waddle was already saying no to Ruskell the day after Jerry was let go.

  • I really envy Raider fans. So that's what a REAL GM does. Blow it up and rebuild it.

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    In reply to Alex:

    Cant agree more.

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    Funny thing is that we can't be getting worked up about this Ruskell situation, after all it's just a big IF. There is nothing saying that Tim will for sure be the new GM, except the Bears owners track record which is enough evidence to convince "God" that Ruskell will be the GM. So in some ironic way what you say is true, but only according to history. What makes things worst and more true is that history repeats itself. Someone needs to tell these guys that trying to follow the same failing scheme and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

  • In reply to Jairo Aleman:

    Yeah, it's premature. But there's no reason Bears fans can't be concerend about the possibility. They want real change, IMO. Ruskell is not that.

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    Just the fact that he is being considered at all makes me cringe!!! Screw Ted Phillips and ALL THE MCCASKEY'S!!!!! Idiots...

  • George McCaskey can't say "It's all about Super Bowls" and then allow Phillips to hire someone with a worse draft/FA pick-up record record than the guy you just fired.

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