Without Cutty, It's Hibernation Time

Without Cutty, It's Hibernation Time

I don't even know ... Wake me up when it’s September of 2012 please.

The Chiefs loss was the worst game I've ever seen, and now the Bears’ loss to the Broncos is the biggest choke job I can ever remember. I’m sick from this, and I’m continually asking myself, "How the hell did that happen?" The Bears didn't get Tebow’d, they’re just pathetic.

Marion Barber … “C'MON MAN!” Stay in bounds and the game is over. Or ... you know, just hold onto the freekin football. A 10-year old kid playing madden knows not to go out of bounds in that situation, but yet an eight-year veteran can’t figure it out? Really? This loss sums up the season without Cutler.

It’s safe to say that the past three games would have been blowouts with Jay Cutler at quarterback. I’m talking games that have final scores of 35-3, 31-10 … etc. “CuttyDoesIt” only because there’s no one else on this offense.

I don't know what makes me sicker, the fact that the Bears continue to allow less than 15 points a game and lose, or that the announcer was seemingly crediting Tebow for Barber’s fumble.

There was ONE thing Barber had to not do, and that was fumble. I’m losing my mind over here, and my stomach is upside down. It’s safe to say the Bears would be 10-3 right now with Cutler and likely in the playoffs. Instead, they are 7-6 and will not win a game the rest of the season.

This 2011 season is over. Drop your optimism and shut Jay and Forte down for the year. There’s no point in even trying at this point. Bears will not get in at 9-7, nor can they win two more games.

There were at least two times where I went complete meatball during the game. When Barber didn’t stay in bounds, I jumped up, grabbed my head and yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" During the fumble, I did the same thing and said things I can't seem to remember right now.

I’m going to go get Christmas-Drunk, sing "Happy Holidays" and hopefully going into a coma until September. I can't watch this anymore, nor do I want to. I do not want to watch film or even listen to anyone talk Bears.

But while I vomit my insides out, follow me on twitter. I can keep you entertained during these sad, sad times.


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