Reading Between the Lines: Is Mike Martz gone in 2012?

Reading Between the Lines: Is Mike Martz gone in 2012?

At Lovie Smith’s regularly scheduled 3:15 PM press conference Wednesday afternoon, a reporter asked the Bears’ head coach about Mike Martz’s future—with one game remaining in the regular season. His response could be characterized as a “Lovie Explosion.”

"What kind of a question is that, anyway, at this time?" Lovie responded. "What kind of a question is that? Why would you ask a question like that anyway?"

Yeah, that’s about as explosive as Lovie gets. By no means was it a Darryl Drake tirade ...

"Don't you [expletive] tell me what I need to say or what I don't need to say!"

Or a Rex Ryan Rex-plosion ...

“… I do like the idea, though, of hitting people with a stick ..." (OK, admittedly out of context but that’s why it’s fun).

But that’s the best you’re gonna get with Lovie.

But, to answer you, Coach, It’s the kind of question a reporter asks when the season is lost and your offensive coordinator is under some fire and not under contract. So, I ask you back, what’s so bad about the question? Catch you off guard, did it? I really am personally disappointed in how Smith responded.

Martz's response, on the other hand, was much more professional.

"I've addressed that already, and obviously, I'd sure like to be back," Martz said. "This is going to be a great football team, and I'd like to be part of it. I like it here. Hopefully it works out, and I think it will."

Granted he said it in that creepy, Martzy monotone, but at least he was professional.

But back to the original question, Bears fans certainly are wondering if Martz will be back in 2012. Personally, and based on the way Lovie responded, I’d be willing to bet that Mikey’s gone. The flip side could be that Smith is just tired of getting the Martz questions, and that he’s tired of the media assuming Mike will be gone.

Jay Cutler has said that he doesn't want to start over with a new system next year, and I don’t believe he would say that if he didn't mean it. If Jay wanted Martz gone, he could have easily danced around the question. Or … he could just say ...

“Tell Martz I said [expletive] you!”

Truth is, when you really take a look at it, the offense was functioning as highly as it ever has in the Angelo era before Jay went down. And Cutler wasn’t getting sacked into oblivion either. Why ship the guy who was behind that offense out of town so soon? Besides Jay, Forte and Bennett, he's working with Pop Warner players on Sundays. Lovie just has to make sure he doesn't reset the playbook in training camp—for a third-straight year—and start running seven-step drops again.

Quit worrying about the media questions and find yourself a real wide receiver, another left tackle and help Mike and Jay out. My opinion? Martz should stay, because it’s a win-now situation for this organization, for these players.


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