Jerry Angelo's Timeline in the Jay Cutler Era

Jerry Angelo's Timeline in the Jay Cutler Era

April 2, 2009—Bears make blockbuster trade for young, up-and-coming QB Jay Cutler. The Bears finally get elite-level talent at the QB position after failing to do so for more than a decade.

April 25, 2009—Bears can’t get a trade completed to bring former Arizona Cardinal Receiver Anquan Boldin to Chicago. It was rumored they offered only their 2nd-round pick (49th overall). Boldin would later be traded to Baltimore for a 3rd and 4th rounder.

April 25, 2009—Bears trade out of the 2nd-round for additional 3rd and 5th-round draft picks. Seattle inherits Bears’ 2nd-round pick and selects C Max Unger. Bears pass on WR Mike Wallace and chose DE/DT Jarron Gilbert with the first 3rd-round pick; they choose WR Juaquin Iglesias with their second 3rd-round pick.

  • Jarron Gilbert is with his 3rd team in three years. One tackle, zero sacks and zero tackles for loss so far through his career.
  • Juaquin Iglesias is with his 3rd team in three years. Zero receptions, zero receiving yards, zero TDs so far through his career.
  • Mike Wallace is currently the starting WR for Pittsburg Steelers. 161 receptions, 3,047 rec. yards, 24 TDs and one Pro Bowl appearance so far through his career.
  • Max Unger is currently the starting center for the Seattle Seahawks. He has started 29 games.

April 26, 2009—Bears draft WR Johnny Knox with their 5th-round pick. So far it has been a good pick, but Knox has proven he’s not a legit go-to receiver but, instead, a speed compliment.

January 3, 2010—Bears finish 7-9 for the season and miss the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive year. Jay Cutler finishes the season with 27 TDs but also, a league-high, 26 interceptions. The Bears’ offense finishes at the bottom of the league in total offense.

January 5th, 2010—Ron Turner is fired, along with most of his offensive coaching staff.

February 1st, 2010—Bears hire Mike Martz as offensive coordinator despite the fact that his scheme is not an ideal fit for Cutler.

March 5th, 2010—Brandon Manumaleuna and Chester Taylor are brought in via free agency. Angelo felt the team needed a blocking TE and a back-up RB instead of o-linemen or go-to wide-out.

April 24th, 2010—QB Dan Lefevour (6th-round) and OT J’Marcus Webb (7th-round) are your only offensive picks. WR Antonio Brown would be selected 14 spots after LeFevour by the Pittsburg Steelers. He has 55 receptions, 925 yards and two TDs this season for Pittsburg. LeFevour is with his 4th team in just one year. Webb is currently the starting LT in Chicago and has been average—at best—so far through his career.

September 12th, 2010—Bears start the season with Devin Hester as the starting flanker, Johnny Knox as the starting split-end, Devin Aromashodu the slot receiver and Earl Bennett as the back-up slot. Aromashodu will be benched for Bennett the following week.

January 2nd, 2011—Bears finish the season 11-5 and NFC North Division champs. They also finish as the 2nd-seed in the NFC playoffs. Cutler would finish with 23 TDs and 16 Interceptions, while being sacked a league-high 52 times. Matt Forte is the Bears’ leader in receptions and Johnny Knox is the leading receiver in yards.

January 23rd, 2011—Cutler is knocked out the game with a grade-2 MCL sprain. The Bears’ offense struggles to put up points against the Packers as the WRs get shutdown across the board. The running game was non-existent. Bears lose to their rivals in the NFC Championship game.

April 28th, 2011—OT Gabe Carimi is selected with the 29th pick in the draft. Carimi only played in two games this season (he went down in the 2nd quarter of the 2nd game of the season with a knee injury). Carimi has had one surgery on the knee, with another expected soon.

July 29th, 2011—Bears sign former Dallas Cowboy WR Roy Williams; opting for Williams over far more viable options in Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards seemingly because he played in “Martz-like” system.

August 4th, 2011—Roy Williams declared starter at the split-end position (the most featured WR position in Martz’s scheme) over leading receiver Johnny Knox. Mike Martz comes out to the media and states that “Williams is an elite player who should get 70 to 80 catches.” So far this season, Williams has 27 receptions, 366 yards and one touchdown. There are two games remaining.

November 20th, 2011—The Bears get their 7th win against the San Diego Chargers but suffer a loss after the game when it was revealed that Jay Cutler suffered a Bennett’s facture to the thumb on his throwing hand. Caleb Hanie would take over starting duties.

December 4th 2011—The Bears suffered their second-straight loss against the Chiefs (previous week defeated by the Raiders) and an injury to their second star on offense in Running Back Matt Forte, who suffered a MCL sprain. Forte has come out and said he will not return until he's 100%.

December 11th, 2011—Because the Bears can’t put points on the board, they get “Tebowed.” Bears a suffer 3rd straight loss.

December 18th 2011—The Bears suffer their 4th straight loss to the Seahawks. Hanie is benched after compiling 19 sacks, nine interceptions and a 50% completion percentage through the four games he started. The loss of Cutler shows the lack of talent on offense that he helped to mask.

How Jerry Angelo manages to keep his job for this long is amazing to me, and it actually deserves a round of applause. How do you give a half-ass effort in building around the franchise QB you acquired?

Peyton Manning was given Reggie Wayne; Tom Brady was given Randy Moss. Heck, even a non-elite QB like Mark Sanchez was given Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards and recently Plaxico Burress.

You drafted a grand total of two offensive linemen in the three years that Cutler has been here. The result? Cutler has been sacked 110 times over those three years.

When you acquired Jay Cutler, you pretty much made him the face of the franchise, so why are you still aggressively building around the previous face of the franchise in Brian Urlacher?

If George McCaskey wants to show Bears fans that he’s all about a Super Bowl and building a winning organization, he can’t go forward with Ted Phillips, Jerry Angelo and their talent evaluation/scouting department in 2012.


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  • Great job, Dom. A must read, IMO.

  • How Jerry keeps his job is easy to figure out. A McCaskey doesn't supervise Phillips. Phillips reups himself and reups Jerry for the same time, saying that is necessary to give, first the new coach, later Lovie, some security, and Jerry signs or reups Lovie. Then there is a modicum of success (Super Bowl, division regular season title), and the process repeats.

    So, the only way out of the cycle is if McCaskey 5 out of 11 suddenly decides to take control.

    The interesting questions are:

    1. How the few draft picks that were successful elsewhere got there--cuts or trades?

    2. How does this compare to the record elsewhere, such as Buffalo hiring DICK JAURON after he proved unsuccessful with da Bears?

    3. Did the labor mess of the past two offseasons affect that? For instance, we wouldn't have had Taylor and Manimanauseless without the cap free year.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks, Jack. But I don't think you or I know the working relationship between the McCaskeys and Ted Phillips.

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    Well, we don't know for sure, but in every press conference where Phillips announced that he reupped himself and Jerry, he sure gave the impression that he had the authority to do so, and no one has ever repudiated those contracts.

  • In reply to jack:

    My guess is that I don't think Ted Phillips have power to do that without permission from the McCaskey's.

  • In reply to Dominique Blanton:

    There is the issue of actual and apparent authority, and Ted has done enough to indicate either he has apparent authority, or that the McCaskeys don't care. One doesn't have to be in the boardroom to figure that out.

    In either event, there is not the kind of hands on style shown by, say, Ricketts firing Hendry and restricting Kenney to the business side (even though it took about 18 months to do it), or Rocky Wirtz saying that his father was doing some things destructive to the franchise (such as keeping it off of local TV), and he was bringing in McDonough and the Bowmans to change that. It is going to take the current McCaskey doing something similar (such as bringing in the next Jim Finks). So far, that hasn't been their style. They are starting to look like Baltimore Orioles relying on Andy McPhailed with the Cubs and his penchant to trade for Cubs.

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