Jerry Angelo: A Complete Draft History

Jerry Angelo: A Complete Draft History

In this writer’s opinion, there is no hiding it: Jerry Angelo is a bad GM. But, based on multiple reports citing team sources, it appears as if he is coming back for the 2012 season. Should this be the case, it will make Jerry the general manager for one of the most important drafts in recent Chicago Bears’ history.

There are so many positions the Bears have to nail in this draft; so many players needed to fill a void. It will be impossible to come out with everything they need. But, with the right amount of luck and proper scouting and talent evaluation, they can come close.

So, how do we know if we can expect that? It’s simple; let the record do the talking. Let’s take a look at the entire Chicago Bears’ draft history under Jerry’s regime, and then you can decide if you think the afore mentioned is possible. Grab the barf bag, people:

2002 Draft Class

  • 1st: OL Marc Colombo - Couldn't stay healthy in Chicago, but went on to have a solid career in Dallas.
  • 3rd: DB Roosevelt Williams - I’m not even sure who he is.
  • 3rd: OL Terrence Metcalf - Somehow, Metcalf stuck on the roster for 9 seasons, despite being terrible. Now out of the NFL.
  • 4th: DE Alex Brown - Very solid late round pick. Good defensive end for a long time, and should have never been cut.
  • 5th: DB Bobby Gray - Another bad defensive back that never did anything in the NFL.
  • 5th: LB Bryan Knight - Yeah, who's this guy? He’s no longer in the NFL, and only lasted two seasons.
  • 6th: RB Adrian Peterson - A utility player for the most part. Good on special teams, and was a good back up running back.
  • 6th: WR Jamin Elliot - Never caught a pass.
  • 6th: TE Bryan Fletcher - Never played a down for the Bears, and was out of the league shortly after.

2003 Draft Class

  • 1st: DE Michael Haynes - A continuation of the 1st round Angelo busts.
  • 1st: QB Rex Grossman - No need for an explanation here. Good Rex, bad Rex turned out to be a solid back up in the NFL today.
  • 2nd: DB Charles Tillman - Maybe Angelo's best pick ever. Tillman has proven to be the best corner in Bears history, and he notched his first Pro Bowl ever this year.
  • 3rd: LB Lance Briggs: Another great Angelo pick. Briggs will go down as a top 10 Bears linebacker ever. Seven straight Pro Bowl seasons.
  • 4th: Todd Johnson - Not the worst player in the world, just nothing special. Decent back up, and a solid special teams contributor. Out of the NFL.
  • 4th: DT Ian Scott - Not a great player, but in a defensive line rotation, he could contribute a bit. Nothing special. Now out of the NFL.
  • 5th: WR Bobby Wade- This guy got cut because he fumbled punt returns, and he was a bad receiver. Bad pick.
  • 5th: WR Justin Gage: Never did anything on the Bears, and couldn't catch a pass with his stone hands. Found some life on the Titans, but nothing to hoot and holler about.
  • 5th: DL Tron LaFavor - Zero sacks in his NFL career.
  • 6th: LB Joe Odom - Never saw any playing time after the Bears got rid of him.
  • 6th: RB Brock Forsey - Two years, two teams, and is now out of the NFL.
  • 7th: WR Bryan Anderson - I have no clue who this even was, and apparently he never made a roster.

2004 Draft Class

  • 1st: DT Tommie Harris - For 3 years, Harris was the most dominant defensive tackle in the league. Unfortunately, he had horrible injuries and bad knees. Good guy, and a great player for the first few years.
  • 2nd: DT Tank Johnson - Everyone remembers the weapons he had. But when Tommie went down in 2006, Johnson played a key role in the Bears going to the Superbowl.
  • 3rd: WR Bernard Berrian - It's safe to say, Rex Grossman made Berrian. Got him a big contract, and then he disappeared. One trick pony.
  • 4th: DB Nathan Vasher - Had a few good seasons, making the most of poorly throw passes. Got a probowl out of him, and then he turned out to be horrible in coverage. Injuries killed Vasher.
  • 4th: LB Leon Joe - Never did anything, now out of the NFL.
  • 5th: DL Claude Harriott - Who?
  • 5th: QB Craig Krenzel - I'm not even going to remind you, I don't think thats necessary.
  • 7th DB Alfonso Marshall – Uhhh ... Who?

2005 Draft Class

  • 1st: RB Cedric Benson - Bust (For the Bears at least).
  • 2nd: WR Mark Bradley - A big time reach, for a receiver that barely did anything in college. Blew out his knee in 2005 and that was the end of Bradley.
  • 4th: QB Kyle Orton - Everyone and their brother knows about the Kyle Orton era. He turned out to be a solid, capable starter. Not a franchise by any means, but he’s a guy who you can win with.
  • 5th: WR Airese Currie - All the hype around this guy and his speed, never got him on the field.
  • 6th: DB Chris Harris - Solid player in the NFL for a while. Harris was a good pick, who helped contribute immediately.
  • 7th: DB Rodriques Wilson - Good special teams player, but was never anything more than that.

2006 Draft Class

  • 2nd: DB Danieal Manning - Lovie moved Manning around every year, and he played well at each position. Good nickel back, and in his final year, turned into a solid strong safety. Also turned out to be one of the best kick returners in the NFL.
  • 2nd. DB Devin Hester - Most thought that he would be nothing but a kick and punt returner. Well, that’s what he is...but he’s the best to ever do it.
  • 3rd: DT Dusty Dvoracek - Dusty couldn't stay healthy, and never contributed that much when he was. Wasted pick.
  • 4th: LB Jamar Williams - Williams never amounted to anything in the NFL. Currently not on a roster.
  • 5th: Mark Anderson - Anderson burst onto the scene with 12.5 sacks in his rookie year, but fell off after that. Has found new life in New England, but never did anything else on the Bears post 2006.
  • 6th: RB J.D. Runnels - Never saw any action in the regular season.
  • 6th: G Tyler Reed - Who?

2007 Draft Class

  • 1st: TE Greg Olsen - Was becoming Cutlers best friend until Mike Martz arrived, and was traded for a 3rd round pick. Very good pass catching tight end.
  • 2nd: DE Dan Bazuin - With the 2nd round pick they got for Thomas Jones, they drafted Bazuin. Needless to say, Bazuin never saw the field.
  • 3rd: RB Garrett Wolfe - Big time reach for a miniature running back. Made special teams plays, and got arrested in the off-season.
  • 3rd: LB Michael Okwo - I still don't remember ever seeing Okwo on the field. Not in the NFL anymore.
  • 4th: OG Josh Beekman - Was drafted to be the future center, then they made him a guard...then he was a center...and then he was cut.
  • 5th: DB Kevin Payne - Payne made a few plays in his time in Chicago, but ended up just being bad. Got cut by the Bears, and picked up by St. Louis. Ultimately, he couldn't stay healthy at all. Not in the NFL.
  • 5th: DB Corey Graham - Graham played well when he was asked to start in 2008, and is a big time star on special teams. Graham is the best gunner in the league, and even made plays when inserted at nickel back this season. Notched his first Pro Bowl this season.
  • 7th: DB Trumaine McBride - Never amounted to much in the NFL, but is still floating around a roster somewhere.
  • 7th: Aaron Brant - Seriously, I've never even heard of this guy until now. Lets just say, hes not in the NFL ... or ever really was.

2008 Draft Class

  • 1st: OT Chris Williams - Came in hurt, and bad at left tackle. Has found new life at left guard, but overall is a bust. The Bears drafted him to be a left tackle, and hes now a left guard.
  • 2nd: RB Matt Forte - A rare great offensive pick for Angelo. Got his first probowl season this year, and is on his way to a nice contract. But according to reports, the reason the Bears drafted him, is because Lovie wanted him and pushed for him.
  • 3rd: WR Earl Bennett - Best Bears receiver in a long time. Jay's go to guy, and someone who is a real wide receiver. Just inked a nice extension.
  • 3rd: DT Marcus Harrison - Constantly fat and out of shape.
  • 4th: DB Craig Steltz - Not a starter, but has proven to be good safety depth.
  • 5th: DB Zack Bowman - Consistently getting beat for big touchdowns. Complete waste.
  • 5th: TE Kellen Davis - Hasn't contributed too much, but 9 of his 28 career catches are touchdowns. Hasn't been able to show if he can do anything since he's in a Mike Martz offense.
  • 7th: DE Ervin Baldwin - Never contributed.
  • 7th: OG Chester Adams - Adams never once got onto the field.
  • 7th: LB Joey LaRocque - Currently not employed in the NFL.
  • 7th: OT Kirk Barton - Yet another guy who couldn't even stick on a roster.
  • 7th: WR Marcus Monk - Went back to college and played basketball.

Throwing up yet?

2009 Draft Class

  • 3rd: Jaron Gilbert - This guy could jump out of a pool, but couldn't shed a block.
  • 3rd: Juaquin Iglesias - Never saw any action on the field, and has yet to record a catch in the NFL.
  • 4th: DE Henry Melton - Having himself a solid year, statistically. Lovie and the gang changed his position to defensive tackle, and hes excelled at times.
  • 4th: DB D.J. Moore - Very good nickel back, and is probably the best blitzer the Bears have on the roster. Good later round find by Angelo.
  • 5th: WR Johnny Knox - One of the most frustrating players in recent Bears history. With speed that makes your head spin, he just leaves you scratching your head at times. After getting hurt this season, who knows if he will ever play again.
  • 5th: LB Marcus Freeman - Angelo has a history of finding bad linebackers that don't even make a roster.
  • 6th: DB Al Afalava - Showed flashes here and there, but ultimately was cut. No longer on an NFL roster.
  • 7th: OG Lance Louis - Louis has turned into a solid player. He has looked good at right guard, and even at right tackle from time to time. Worth keeping on the roster moving forward.
  • 7th: WR Derek Kinder - Yeah, this guy isn't in the NFL.

2010 Draft Class

  • 3rd: DB Major Wright - He left college early because he was going to get replaced, and hasn't done much at the next level. Wright hasn't been able to stay healthy, and is very inconsistent.
  • 4th: DE Corey Wootton - outside of ending Favre's career, Wootton hasn't been healthy enough to even know what the Bears have in him.
  • 5th: DB Joshua More - Hasn't done anything in the NFL.
  • 6th: QB Dan LeFevour - Didn't make the Bears roster.
  • 7th: OT J'Marcus Webb - Is Webb the future left tackle? No way, but he has been solid. For a 7th round pick, this has been an okay pick.

2011 Draft Class

  • 1st: OT Gabe Carimi - Season was ended by a knee injury, giving Bears fans visions of Marc Columbo all over again.
  • 2nd: DT Stephen Paea - The Bears traded up to get this guy, and he has looked okay at times. Seems like they might have found themselves a good defensive tackle moving forward. The jury is still out.
  • 3rd: DB Chris Conte - After the horrible play of the Bears safeties, Conte was forced into action early. He has looked okay, but had his season ended by an injury. Conte might be an okay player moving forward, but he's nothing to hang your hat on.
  • 5th: QB Nathan Enderle - Martz wanted this kid in the draft, and hes the typical big slow Mike Martz quarterback. But he hasn't seen the field since Jay got hurt, and will be gone once Martz is gone.
  • 6th. LB J.T. Thomas - Rookie season was ended by an injury, and he now rests on injured reserve.

Total draft picks: 82

Still on the roster: 22

That number is staggering. How on earth is Angelo still the Bears general manager? This doesn't even include his free agency issues. Jerry is completely inept at drafting, and he needs to go.

The Bears need too many positions to even fill, and if they miss on more than one pick in 2012, the organization will be set back for a long time. Look at the Packers, most of their starters and stars are draft picks. Now look where they are in the NFL. Take a look at where the Bears are without Jay Cutler. That says enough right there to fire the GM.

Chicago needs a number 1 wide receiver, a left tackle, Urlacher's replacement, another real cornerback, a tight end, a defensive tackle, a strong side linebacker, a strong and a free safety … and then some. My head’s spinning.


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  • For the most part, I agree with all of your assessments of all the draft picks of Angelo...except for Lance Louis and Webb.

    You need to do a second article about Angelo's free agent signings.....along with those non drafted players like Tyler Clutts & Robbie Gould. (The punter was a nice pickup this year too)

    As you showed above, Angelo has simply misfired too much with the draft.
    Looking at that, its amazing that Lovie has been able to win in spite of those drafts.
    As you already know, Brian Urlacher was drafted before Angelo.....and he's always been the main reason that defense does so well.

  • In reply to jojopuppyfish:

    Agreed! There's been good and bad, but the draft is a glaring weakness. I did a post about some of that other good stuff, including the Gould pickup and the free agent signings, here:

  • fb_avatar

    I'm so glad he got fired.

  • In reply to Hulk Savage:

    LOL ... Random.

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