Hey Jerry, Whistle Dixie!

Hey Jerry, Whistle Dixie!

That’s it … I can’t take it anymore … SCREW THIS @#$%-ing MORON! AHHHHH!!!

Okay, now that that’s out of my system, I can actually write normal things onto this page.

Jerry, who the heck are you to tell anyone to go “Whistle Dixie?” Whatever the hell that means…

You are the WORST in the biz when it comes to building a team. You are the reason my Chicago Bears collapsed when Cutler went down.

I've been screaming this for at least five years now: FIRE JERRY ANGELO! Seriously, how bad do you have to do your job before someone is held accountable? You are a total dope who has zero clue how to build a real offense. Or anything close to resembling one, for that matter.

Tell me, where’s the offensive talent? The Bears have one guy outside of Cutler and Forte—and that's Earl Bennett. Whoopty doo! As good as Earl is, he's not a number one receiver. He’s the Bears’ Luol Deng: If he’s not your first scoring option, he’s real good.

Let me give you a little bit of advice on how to build offensively and how to build a team that can survive injuries. There is not a better example than that team to the north you play twice per year. Jerry, uhh, you might have heard of them before … the Green Bay Packers. They had 10+ guys on injured reserve last season, and won a SB. They lost Aaron Rodgers for a game and a half, and they still almost won both of those games.

The Packers are so stacked offensively, that their number five wide receiver would be the Bears number one. How sad is that? Oh, and when their starting offensive linemen go down with an injury, the next guy steps in and plays just as well. Anyone remember what happens when a Bears lineman goes down? Yeah, the Frank Omiyale experience is back in action. He wouldn't be allowed to be a water boy for the Packers.

Mike Martz demoted Hanie multiple times in the past two years, but yet Jerry never got a hint that he was a bum. Admittedly, we all got fooled, but c'mon, you're the general manager. How did you not even think to yourself "why don't we bring in another veteran to back up our franchise quarterback?" I swear this man will make me die prematurely from stress.

Let’s talk the 2012 draft. Are there any players that have knee issues that will go in the first round? What about back injuries? If so, call them and tell them “no need to fear, the Bears are here.”

This team has so many weaknesses … where do you even start? Jerry has refused to get a legitimate replacement for Urlacher, who's now showing his age. What happens when he finally stops being productive? There isn't anyone waiting in the wings just ready to step in.

The Bears need a wide receiver in the worst way. Really, just a guy that actually makes plays and can actually be a legit number one. Do you get that in free agency? Doubt it.

What about offensive line? Will Angelo ignore that again and give us that stupid continuity speech this year? That's the biggest crock I've heard, so stop it. The Bears also need another pass rusher on the end. Peppers is only going to last so long, and it’s time to find another guy to go on the other side.

There isn't enough picks in the next draft to even fix a good portion of this team. I’d expect more bad defensive backs and hurt players coming into Halas Hall in 2012. Just a heads-up.

Now that's if Jerry actually ends up sticking around. But … should he leave, then the Ruskell experience likely starts. Ask any Seahawks fan in existence; just mention Tim Ruskell. They will tell you to do yourself a favor and convert to a Packers fan. If it’s possible, Ruskell is even worse than Jerry.

Dear the McCaskey family, tell Jerry to "whistle dixie" right on out the door, and have him take his little dog Ruskell, too. If this organization doesn't grow some cajónes, there will be dark days ahead for our beloved Bears.


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  • As someone pointed out on radio, he meant f- off, but Bears talk in corporate speak.

    The rest I described in the prior post. One could also add that, after Detroit went 0-16 and fired most of its staff, the Bears picked it up, except for Millen, since Jerry already had that job. Now Detroit is better than da Bears.

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