Chicago Bears: Up in smoke ... and mirrors

Chicago Bears: Up in smoke ... and mirrors

It's been a rough month for Da Bears and their fans. Realistically, they were looking at a possible 11-5 season. Now, the best they can do is 8-8. They're not mathematically out of the playoffs as they still have a 2% chance, but it's over.

After the 38-14 loss to the Seahawks Sunday, I was surprised to see all of the "O boy, seasons over. Pack it up, go home, see you in 2012, on to the Bulls and Blackhawks" on social media networks. This is probably because I started packing it up after the loss to the Tyler Palko-led Chiefs. There's really no hope left after that, folks.

Should they have put themselves in position to win three of their last four games and make a playoff appearance with Forte and a rusty Cutler coming back, it would have been gravy for me. But with the declining play of the defense and that Hanie guy under center, as a realist, I packed it in weeks ago.

I guess most fans don't give up on their team until they're mathematically—or near mathematically—eliminated, so if you want to blast me for my honesty regarding my Bears loyalty, you can find me on twitter or call the radio show on Mondays. Information is below, bring it. Or just leave your comments below, but I digress.

Da Bears were able to win seven of their first 10 games with smoke and mirrors. I wrote in an earlier post that Jay Cutler makes his receivers better and he makes the o-line LOOK better. The low-talent team that Jerry Angelo assembled has been EXPOSED with the injury to a single player. The injury came to the single most important position in sports, but you have to have better options than Caleb Hanie, Josh McCown and rookie Nathan Enderle.

Hey Jerry, the back up positions matter, too. I know that's hard to believe since you struggle to grasp the concept that all of the starting positions actually matter.

This is why I've been pining for losing seasons from Da Bears for the last two years (see my posts on It's a BIG PICTURE dream. I want the McCaskey Crew to clean house. George McCaskey took over as the new Chairman in early May of this year. He's been quiet thus far, as well he should have been, but now is the time to take action, Georgie-boy.

It starts at the top. Team President Ted Phillips is a glorified accountant. He's made Da Bears organization a LOT of money during his tenure with Da Bears, which is a vital part of his job. However, in the NFL, bringing championships to the city is JUST as important as bringing bags of cash to the owners. George emphasized the importance of winning a Super Bowl for Chicago back in May.

"The Bears have more wins than any other team in NFL history," McCaskey said. "But we do not have more championships than any other team. Our goal is to be tops in both categories."

We'll see just how serious he was.

But it starts with Ted Phillips because he's the one who hired GM Jerry Angelo. Angelo, in turn, has not put together a team that can win the Super Bowl. Getting to the Super Bowl and WINNING the Super Bowl are two different things, people. And the window of chance to winning a championship is rapidly closing.

QB Jay Cutler will be a year older, and he'll more than likely have to learn a new offense. A much less voluminous and dense playbook will be mailed to him this offseason since OC Mike Martz will likely be shown the door—much to his own volition. Articles were being written about the aging defense before this season started, so I expect more groundswell there in 2012.

As much I like Lovie Smith as the head coach, if he has to be the undeserving casualty in that situation, then so be it. There are competent coaches in studios and press boxes every Sunday that have the ability to do the job just as well, if not better than Lovie.

This is a bottom line business.

The bottom line is winning the Super Bowl. The Phillips regime hasn't been able to get it done, so they ALL MUST GO.

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