Chicago Bears Huddle Stock Report

Chicago Bears Huddle Stock Report
Clutts has had a Pro Bowl caliber season this year


Caleb Hanie Stock: Falling

Hanie isn’t doing the defense any favors since taking over for Jay Cutler.  In his only two games this season, Hanie has compiled 2 touchdowns, 6 interceptions,  387 passing yards, and a 40.8 passer rating. It’s the lowest passer rating among active starting QB’s.  You would think that Martz would dial it down a little for Hanie, but he has come out this week and mention that he will be more aggressive in play calling with Hanie in this game. I’m sure this music to Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil ears; Hanie might be in for a rough afternoon if that’s indeed Martz’s game plan.

Roy Williams Stock: Falling

Williams started to come on before Jay Cutler’s injury, but hasn’t done much since and overall has been a huge disappointment this season.  24 receptions, 355 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown is not #1 WR type numbers. The man he supplanting in and out the Split End position Johnny Knox has double the yards with less playing time.  Williams was supposed to be Angelo and Martz idea of a legit go to receiver, but going into the off-season Angelo clearly needs to do much better than this.

Johnny Knox Stock: Neutral

Year 3 in Knox’s career, we have seen some minor improvements in his game. Coming back to the ball and fighting for the ball when it’s in the air (to a certain extent); these are a couple things that he has displayed in the Chargers game a couple weeks ago. The limitations are still there though like not being constant running slant routes, body catching, and not turning into a defender when the CB has a clean shot of making a play on the ball. I think it’s safe to draw out what kind of receiver Knox will be for the rest of his career and that is a big play compliment next to two reliable possession receivers.

Lance Louis Stock: Neutral

Louis had a very bad game against Chiefs rookie OLB Justin Houston. Houston speed and hustle was just too much for Louis to handle and he just simply had a bad day. I expect him to rebound moving forward against the Broncos DE Elvis Dumervil.

Tyler Clutts Stock: Rising

For a guy that was a last minute addition to the Bears, Clutts has been quite the surprise.  In the past, Martz hasn’t really found much room for a FB in his scheme, but Clutts has proven to be a reliable lead blocker for the running backs. He also has contributed in the passing game specifically as a blocker. Clutts should definitely get strong consideration for the Pro Bowl.



Henry Melton Stock: Rising

Been a bit inconsistent throughout the season but the past 4 games has come on strong, generating 3 sacks in the last 4 games and getting plenty of QB hurries. It would be a big boost if Melton can finally become a more consistent performer, and give the defense a threat at the 3 tech that they been missing for some years now.

Chris Conte Stock: Neutral

Conte is making rookie mistakes at the wrong time in the season and opposing QB’s are starting to test him vertically down the field. At the same time he hasn’t made that many mistakes to warrant a benching, and time in the film room and practice field should help him progress to be a better safety.

Brandon Merriweather Stock: Falling

Craig Steltz is getting the nod over Merriweather against the Broncos who apparently has fallen out of favor with the coaches. He wasn't called upon when Major Wright went down with a shoulder injury, with Lovie relying on veteran Craig Steltz to fill in. Going into this Broncos game, Steltz and not Merriweather is getting the start against he Broncos. Might be safe to say that Merriweather won't be brought back next season.

Corey Wootton Stock: Falling

I don’t know if I should say that Wootton stock is falling since he hasn’t played much this season. Injuries have set him back when he was having an impressive camp. He needs to show something in these final weeks of the season to get back in the coaches good graces.

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