Chicago Bears Huddle Stock Report

Chicago Bears Huddle Stock Report
Kahlil Bell and Marion Barber are going in opposite directions in this edition of Chicago Bears Huddle Stock Report.


Caleb Hanie Stock: Falling

Remember last year when Bears fans were in an outrage about Martz making Todd Collins the back-up over Caleb Hanie? We all thought Martz was out his damn mind putting Hanie at 3rd string. As much of a failure Mike Martz has been this season, he was 100% right on his assessment of Caleb Hanie.  Not only has Hanie proved that he’s not a NFL back-up, but he quite possibly could have played his way out of the league. I think Hanie ultimately will get another shot at proving he’s a NFL QB; the bad part is that most likely it won’t be with the Bears.

Kahlil Bell Stock: Rising

Bell has been one of the few bright spots during this 3 ring circus I call the Bears 4 game losing streak.  In the last 4 games he has averaged 5.8 yards per carry and 139 yards on 29 carries. Like Barber, Bell is a one cut runner, but what separates him from Barber is that he has the speed to go along with power which makes him a threat to get a big gain on the ground.  Because of a Calf injury to Barber, Bell will get the full bulk of carries against Green bay this Sunday. Bell has a two game audition to prove to the coaches he can be a legit back-up to Matt Forte going into next season.

Marion Barber Stock: Falling

Barber will miss the Packer game with a calf injury, but the writing was on the wall last game when the coaches decided to give Bell more carries than Barber. If we learned anything from Barber in the 3 games without Forte is that he’s not an every down RB. Bell should have been getting more carries while Barber still assumes responsibilities as a short yardage back.

J’Marcus Webb Stock: Falling

Inconsistency has hurt Webb stock during the 4 game losing streak. He struggle against Chris Clemons last Sunday and had trouble against Von Miller a week ago. In my opinion, Webb hasn’t done enough this season to come into Training Camp next summer as a sure fire lock to be the starting LT. It’s one of the many positions that the Bears need to address this off-season.

Roberto Garza Stock: Falling

The 2-year 7 million contract extension is looking like bad money as in the second half of the season we are seeing a rapid decline from the veteran.  It more likely that Garza will be brought back to the Bears next year, but the Bears need to bring in someone to develop behind Garza.


Stephen Paea Stock: Rising

For a position that I think has become extinct as far as impact players, The Bears might have found a nice 3 tech duo in Paea and Henry Melton.  Regarding Paea, he has shown in his 1st year that he can play on this level just off talent alone.  He has had a nice rookie season which sets up great expectations in 2012 where he will be going into year 2 under D-Line coach guru Rod Marinelli.

Craig Steltz Stock: Rising

Craig Steltz might not ever become a starting Safety in this league, but he has proven to become a decent back-up at least for the Bears at both safety positions.

Tim Jennings Stock: Falling

Just when I was about to start a “PAY DAT MAN” movement for Tim Jennings he slump so bad in this 4 game losing streak that he now lost his job to Zack Bowman.  Jennings will be a free agent after this season, and there’s a good chance he might not be back. Seems the Bears will give Bowman a two game audition to solidify the starting spot.

Special Teams

Adam Podlesh Stock: Rising

Adam Podlesh has simply been the Bears best free agent pick up this season. He ranks up high in most of all the punting statistics with the most impressive stat being the number of touchbacks this season where he has 3 this season.  It’s safe to say that the Bears have successfully moved on from the Brad Maynard era.

Devin Hester Stock: Falling

When it’s all said and done, Hester will go into the hall of fame as the greatest returner of all-time. Lately though, Hester decision-making when fielding punts has come into question.  Hester has come out earlier this week and said that he’s still bother by an ankle injury. It has gotten so bad that the Bears gave Earl Bennett most of the snaps last week against the Seahawks. This injury just adds to the list of many other injuries that has affected this team.

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