Angelo Likely to Be Back With Da Chicago Bears in 2012

Angelo Likely to Be Back With Da Chicago Bears in 2012

John "Moon" Mullen of wrote yesterday that there shouldn't be any doubt that Chicago Bears' GM Jerry Angelo will be back for the 2012 season. "...barring a monumental shift of Halas Hall thinking, Angelo will not be leaving after this season."

Da Bears organization isn't particularly known for its monumental shifts in thinking. They're comfortable in their continuity of idiocy.

In a previous post, our own Adam Oestmann did an excellent breakdown of the good and the bad Angelo has done for Da Bears since coming over from the Bucs back in 2001. Every GM has some hits and some misses when it comes to the NFL draft. Angelo seems to have a knack for drafting first round busts, though.

However, he has cleverly been making it not just his own, but the entire scouting staff's responsibility for bad draft choices. He has been able to spread out the blame for bad draft picks for years, which is why he's still here. And it's why he'll continue to be around. He doesn't have to take full responsibility for a draft gone wrong.

And apparently, Angelo and new Chairman Georgie-boy McCaskey have a great working relationship. Sorry, Jerry haters, but this will buy Angelo at least another year before he starts in on his retirement talk for the fifth consecutive year. Georgie-boy even moved HIS office to be closer to Angelo. That's like the head partner of a law firm moving from his corner office to the work station next to his secretary.

The bigger point about them being work BFF's is that Georgie-boy has already involved Angelo in the 2012 plans. "He will be given the resources for significant moves again this year," Mullen wrote. Angelo was given those same resources two years ago when he went one for three in free agent signings with Peppers, Taylor and Manumaleuna. I would've been right with the Peppers acquisition and he whiffed on the other two. But he deflected some blame there, as well. Some of it almost positively falling onto Martz and his love affair with tight ends he THINKS can block defensive ends one-on-one.

Trading for Cutler was another relatively easy one, but at least he got it done. He took care of the gimmie's, but he missed badly on the signings that weren't so cut and dry. So the question is, what makes Georgie-boy think Angelo will be successful when he gives Angelo the resources to make "significant moves" for his roster?

Da Bears either need an upgrade or a soon to be replacement for aging players at EVERY position. The o-line needs upgrades in at least three spots. WR needs at least two upgrades. Backup QB needs an upgrade. Backup RB needs an upgrade. DE and DT need upgrades. Linebackers will need replacements by 2013. Cornerback needs at least one upgrade and another replacement soon. And even though Angelo has been drafting safeties every year since he was in kindergarten, they need two new ones.

If Jerry was as good at actually drafting decent draft picks as he is deflecting blame for bad draft picks, Da Bears wouldn't be in the predicament they're in. The upgrades and replacements would already be on the roster.

But they're not.

Good luck with that, Georgie-boy.

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