Bears Mop the Floor with Dirty Lions

Bears Mop the Floor with Dirty Lions
Chicago Tribune

The Lions have had a reputation for playing dirty for a while now. It couldn’t have been more evident on Sunday afternoon. The Lions only verified the allegations.

The only thing missing was Jim Schwartz trying to fight Lovie Smith at the end. Oh, what a sight that would have been! Something tells me Jim Schwartz would immediately regret that decision.

What we saw from the Lions, was a team who, after getting a few wins for the first time in decades, forgot how to lose like professionals. And they’re not happy to be exposed.

The Philadel...err, I mean Detroit Lions are classless, dirty and OVERRATED! You came out, got kicked in your giggy and did not know how to respond.

As the social media king Ocho Cinco would say, "Child Please.” That’s’ what the Lions are underneath it all; Children.

It all started when Jay Cutler was slammed into the ground by dirty player #2, Nick Fairley.  He should have been ejected, but as per standard officiating procedure—against only Jay Cutler that is—he didn’t get the call.

Instead, Jay got up laughing and talking trash to the rookie who will be getting a Fed-Ex envelope in his locker later this week. That's just how #CuttyDoesIt.

I must admit, it was really hard not to go full meatball during the DJ Moore retaliation, and as we all know, you NEVER go full meatball.

I wanted Julius Peppers to come out, rip someone’s head off, put it on a stick and beat the remaining Lions players with it.

During the DJ Moore aftermath, I saw #90 get his helmet back on after getting treatment on the sidelines, and run into the scuffle. Ill just say this, you better run when you piss that man off. Oh wait, actually he's faster than you. Running won’t help.

And amidst it all, I actually wake up to hear Lions fans talking about how the Bears are dirty! Say whaaa?!

Now, I know you guys are still new to professional football, being that you have had teams who couldn't win in the NCAA WAC conference, but boys and girls, the Lions were the only dirty players on the field.

They have become the 80's Packers. Hey, you get what you deserve.

OK, OK, back to business…

Megatron, meet Optimus Prime. Well, multiple Optimus Prime's. I initially tweeted that when Peppers tackled Johnson, resulting in a fumble, and everyone did the same after the Briggs hit on him. The Great Megatron was held in check all game by Charles Tillman. When is this man going to get a Pro Bowl selection? He shuts down one of the best receivers in football yet again.

There was talk about Chris Harris helping the Lions out with his knowledge of the Bears defense, too. I'm assuming he took a bad pursuit angle at delivering the info to them ... because they certainly didn’t' get it. Maybe he was busy tweeting when he told them.

One thing that’s for sure is that Chicago has not been kind to Matthew Stafford. First, he leaves with an injury in his first two games vs. the Bears, now he leaves throwing four picks and getting demolished.

I will just say this: As much as I hate Aaron Rodgers, at least he has class and is a good guy. Matthew Stafford is a cocky, “I’m better than you” player. But in reality, he's just another bum who hasn't even finished a whole season.

Maybe if you stayed away from the Little Debbie Cakes and took off your sissy "wind glove.” you might throw the ball right. Hands down, Stafford was the MVP of the game for the Bears.

I didn't know if Jonathan Quinn had suited up in place of Stafford or whether that was the real Michelle...I mean Matthew Stafford. YOU, sir, are a baby.

Big brother always prevails, and the Bears whooped the Lions up and down the Soldier Field turf.

It will be interesting to see the amount of fines sent out by the NFL for this one. Some charity is going to be very happy.

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