Fair Weather Fans: Cutler Haters can take a Hike!

Fair Weather Fans: Cutler Haters can take a Hike!

That’s right, I'm setting things straight right now: All of you dopes who continued to yell, "AHH SCREW DIS HERE CUTLER GUY … HE’S A QUITTER. JAY QUITLER! PUT IN CALEB HANIE! CUTLER’S NO LEADER; HE’S SOFT!" Yes, you. You're hereby not allowed to jump on the Cutler bandwagon. Not now, not EVER!

I've noticed a surprisingly large group of people with a new-found love for Jay and the fiery leadership he’s displayed this season. This leaves me scratching my head thinking, “Huh … these are the same people who were all over the ‘start Caleb Hanie’ bandwagon last year.” As 670 The Score's Terry Boers would say, "Wha hapon?"

Don’t believe me? This year, down in Bourbonnais, fans from the stands were cheering every time Caleb Hanie would connect with a receiver during the second-team offensive series'. My favorite: “Well, there’s your starter right there!” Jay Cutler simply shook his head.

Dear THAT GUY, don't you dare go out and buy yourself a #6 jersey; you’re hairy backfat doesn’t deserve to be covered with such things. But do please cover it with something … Sure, I'm pulling a page out of the old-school Blackhawks fan's playbook and getting mad at the band-wagoners. But I can do that; I've had my Cutler jersey since before he ever suited up for a game in Chicago. If it was up to you morons, Cutler would have been run out of town after the NFC Championship loss to the Packers.

Now, this doesn't go out to everyone. If you've criticized Cutler’s play, that's fine. Be a fan of Jay. No, this is directed at those who would, on one hand, tell you he completely sucks or that he should block, throw and catch all by himself, but who now wish to join the rest of us. It's directed at the ones who speak blindly and know absolutely nothing.

Jay has ALWAYS been a leader in Chicago, but with old-man Kreutz in the mix, he unfortunately had to play second fiddle. With Kreutz’s departure, Cutler can—AND HAS, MIND YOU—step up. People loved "the punky QB” known as McMahon. And now that Cutler’s telling Martz off and yelling at these Pop Warner receivers to catch the damn ball, you love him. This will not be tolerated!!!

Anyone who read my posts following the NFC Championship loss in 2010 knows exactly how I feel. And I can hold a grudge with the best of them.

Disagree? I’m on Twitter (@Nerrad127). GO AHEAD, TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL.

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