The Chicago Bears will Lose to the Green Bay Packers

The Chicago Bears will Lose to the Green Bay Packers

Now before you start calling me names like “Darren Green and Gold,” let me get to my reasoning behind this…

Technically, in this calendar year, the Bears have lost twice to the Packers. And while historically Chicago has played well against the Packers, I wouldn’t expect much this week against the Super Bowl champs.

In the past two games against Green Bay, Jay Cutler has been sacked eight times. This season, the Packers ‘defense is fourth in the NFL with seven combined sacks. The Bears currently lead the NFL having allowed 11 sacks through two games. It’s quite possible the packers could double their sack total this week.

You can talk all you want about how the Bears’ defense held the Packers’ offense to 48 points last season through three games, because the fact remains that the Bears’ offense has struggled majorly against Dom Capers.

Cutler has been picked nine times in five games vs. the Packers, and there isn’t even a single piece on this offense that the Packers’ defense is sweating, more than likely.

Major Issues vs. Packers

Wide Receivers: Against the Packers, Johnny Knox and company haven't even been able to get off a jam. Knox is a terrible route runner who consistently gives up positioning on quick slants, resulting in interceptions. Devin Hester is the worst wider receiver on the roster and shouldn't be on the field. And, without the sure hands of Earl Bennett, the Bears are in trouble. Roy Williams is practicing this week, and if he can go, the Bears are much better off at WR. I can’t believe I just typed that.

Running Game: In seven games vs. the Packers, Matt Forte only has one touchdown, which came in his rookie season. He’s never had a 100-yard game against Green Bay's defense. Last year, in the last two games vs. the Packers, Forte had a combined total of 161 yards for a 5.0 YPC. He will have to keep up that pace in order for the Bears to win Sunday.

Blitz Pickup: Bears consistently got beat against the blitz, allowing the Saints to use Jay Cutler as a tackling dummy. The offensive line allowed three sacks in a row at one point, as well as 10 total hits on Jay Cutler. If you thought the Saints’ defense was good at getting pressure, Dom Capers defense will come at Jay even harder. They won’t worry about leaving WR’s on an island, considering they have two of the best corners in the league.

Steltzaletta at SS: Craig Steltz-aletta, is slow, not so good and bad. We saw what happened last week when Meriweather went out for a series; Drew Brees tossed a huge touchdown to Henderson immediately. To think that the Bears are one wrong landing, or one poor tackle, away from having the Conte/Steltz safety duo ... YIKES! Expect Aaron Rodgers to expose the Bears’ secondary as soon as the front four fail to generate pressure.

Upon first hearing that Nick Collins was out for the season, I thought, "Hey, the Bears can expose that on Sunday.” But, I quickly realized that the Bears won’t even get enough time to set up and throw that way. If The Bears actually had a vertical passing game, this would be an issue for the Packers ... but they don't.

As for my prediction? Packers 31, Bears 10. I lack faith in this offense completely. Aaron Rodgers is as hot as ever and that offense is just a complete machine. The lack of offensive production from the Bears’ offense will quickly wear down the defense.

Okay, now you can start calling me names like “Darren Green and Gold.” Yell at me on twitter @Nerrad127!

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