Screw Offensive Balance, Somebody GET OPEN!

Screw Offensive Balance, Somebody GET OPEN!

Dear Chicago Bears’ coaches/front office,

Do you really think your fans are this stupid?

OK, well maybe some of them are. Like the ones who still want Caleb Hanie to play, and who say Jay Cutler has no heart. Oh, and the idiots who still cheer wildly when the Bears’ offense is at work...

But, for the rest of us, who are you trying to fool into believing that your bad, stone-handed schmucks playing wide receiver can make this offense work?

These guys suck.

Hey, Johnny Knox, I have a tip for you: the proper way to catch a pass is with your HANDS ... NOT your face. I know, you’re ONLY a National Football League wide receiver, and how much can we really expect you to do? You’re pathetic. Learn to catch.

And why is the Devin Hester experiment still being shoved down our throats? To everyone but the schmucks at Halas Hall, Hester is a really bad wide receiver. When has he ever ran a solid route, let alone looked like an actual wide out? We know, “he’s fast.” But, unfortunately, that doesn't make him a wide receiver.

Dane Sanzenbacher is just a guy. He’s a small receiver who can make a play here and there. There’s a reason he was undrafted. I like what he’s been able to do as much as the next fan, but let’s be realistic here: he’s of no significance to the future of this team.

On to Roy Williams … why did we sign him, again? 70-80 catches? Really, Martz? No thank you. Take Roy Williams back to the bargain bin from whence you found him and leave … immediately.

The only guy on this roster that would even play on most teams in the NFL is Earl Bennett. Hands down, he might be the best Bears’ receiver since Marty Booker went to the Pro Bowl. Actually, he is.

Consistently runs great routes and makes tough catches only to explode as a safety knocks his head off.

Take a look at the Packers’ Jordy Nelson for a second. He's that team’s third WR. If he was on the Bears, hands down he’s the No. 1 guy. Wouldn't it be nice to have a receiver even of his caliber?

Collectively, this group is terrible. Even when Jay Cutler gets time, no one is open. While Jay needs to clean up a lot of things, you can’t fault him for wide receivers not getting open and not catching well-thrown balls. I feel bad for the guy. He went from Eddie Royal and Brandon Marshall, to Devin Hester and Johnny Knox. ..*facepalm*

While Jerry Angelo continues to trade up for second-round draft picks like Stephen Paea who can’t find the field with a GPS, he keeps ignoring the fact that the Bears don't even have a No. 2 wide receiver.

Maybe, had Angelo not drafted 50 defensive backs in the past decade or so and took a wide receiver or two with those high picks, Chicago might have a guy who actually knows what it takes to be an NFL receiver. Jerry Angelo is completely clueless.

My suggestion to you is this: take that third-round pick you got for Greg Olsen and do whatever it takes to bring Brandon Marshall to Chicago. Reunite him with his old QB, and watch magic happen. Marshall is a monster, a "go up and get it" receiver.

Stop it with these undersized Smurfs! We need a big, strong wide receiver that actually has talent.

Imagine Brandon Marshall here in Chicago … Bennett becomes a Deion Branch, Knox becomes a Devery Henderson and Hester is used like a Wes Welker, rolling on bubble screens as well as going deep. Then you are talking about legitimate options on offense.

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