NFC North Stats: Week 3

As we told you last week, Chicago Bears Huddle is taking a season-long comparative look at team stats among the NFC North. Since the first goal of any NFL franchise is to beat the teams within their division, we thought it would be worth taking a detailed look week-to-week at where the NFC North squads stand among a group of true team stats. Here’s what we’re looking at:

  • Total offensive yards
  • Total points scored
  • Third down efficiency
  • Redzone efficiency
  • Quarterback sacks allowed
  • Quarterback hits allowed
  • Yards allowed
  • Defensive sacks
  • Defensive quarterback hits
  • Defensive stops on third down
  • Team penalties
  • Turnovers

Since we started the series, the number one suggestion we received was to include turnovers as a measured stat. This week, I’ve added that to the chart. Keep in mind that the number listed in the column is total turnovers, not interceptions solely, as this is a team stat. You can view the entire spreadsheet here.

Here’s the way things shake out in the NFC North after three weeks:

  • Packers lead in total yards (1,210) followed by the Lions (1,200), Bears (914) and Vikings (906).
  • Lions lead in total points (101) followed by the Packers (99), with the Bears and Vikings tied at 60.
  • Packers lead in 3rd down efficiency (48.3%) followed by the Vikings (36.7%), Lions (30.7%) and Bears (26%).
  • Packers lead in redzone efficiency (61.7%) followed by the Bears (61%), Lions (55.3%) and Vikings (46.7%).
  • Bears have given up the most QB sacks/hits (14 and 20), followed by the Vikings (8 and 10), Lions (5 and 13) and Packers (5 and 8).
  • Bears have given up the most turnovers (4) followed by the Packers (3), with the Lions and Vikings tied at 2.
  • The Packers defense has allowed the most yards (1,243) followed by the Bears (1,160), Vikings (1,100) and Lions (903).
  • Packers have the most defensive QB sacks/hits (10 and 17) followed by the Vikings (9 and 16), Bears (8 and 15) and Lions (8 and 12).
  • Lions lead in defensive stops on 3rd down (70%) followed by the Bears (65.7%), Vikings (51.5%) and Packers (50.5%).
  • Packers have created the most turnovers (5) followed by the Lions (4), Vikings (2) and Bears (2).
  • Lions lead with fewest penalties (19) followed by the Packers (20), Bears (24) and Vikings (27).

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