Jay Cutler Primed for a Big Season

Jay Cutler Primed for a Big Season
The Chicago Tribune

Many would say that Jay Cutler has not lived up to what it was the Bears traded away to get him back in 2009. After a mediocre first year in Chicago, and a second season that ended in controversy, fans hope Jay Cutler is now primed to be the QB they thought they were getting. And, they have reason enough to believe he will be…

In his second year in offensive coordinator Mike Martz’s system, Jay Cutler looks like a new quarterback; physically, mentally and mechanically. His throwing mechanics are the best they have been, ever. He’s in the best shape of his career, and he’s taken control of his team and his image. All of that and an offensive scheme that will put up impressive numbers if executed properly bode well.

With the way Cutler exited the NFC Championship game in early 2011, it was important – more than ever – for him to start the season off in a big way.

In week one, Jay Cutler had the best opening day that he has had with the Bears, throwing for two touchdowns, 312 yards and one interception that was off a tipped pass at the line. While he had a few throws that should have been intercepted, you can say that about nearly every quarterback in the NFL through week one.

The Mike Martz system was in full effect on Sunday, and Bears fans got to catch a glimpse of what can happen if the offensive line gives Jay some protection.

This may also be the best group of receivers the Bears have had with Jay Cutler in town. Roy Williams appeared to remember how to catch passes … Devin Hester might actually be being used correctly, and Earl Bennett is still the most reliable receiver the Bears have had in years. Not to mention Johnny Knox who can blow the roof off of any defense with his speed alone.

Even the fan favorite Dane Sanzenbacher got into the mix on Sunday. All told, Jay Cutler got the ball out to eight different receivers against the Falcons in week one. Mike Martz used a few creative plays, and I’d certainly expect more and more as this team gels. Being the evil genius that he is, he will continue to find ways to utilize all of these receivers on game day.

The arrow is pointing up. Barring something catastrophic, Jay Cutler has his first real ‘show-me’ season in a Bears uniform within his grasp. Just reach out and take it, Jay…

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